GTA 6 Leaked Early Map Comparison With GTA 5 Map Shows Massive Size Increase

The latest leaks suggest that Rockstar Games went high and wide with the GTA 6 map as compared to the GTA 5 map!

image via GTA Online Credit: Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games has officially announced that the game’s trailer will soon be arriving in early December after remaining tight-lipped for a really long time. However, till the game’s trailer comes out, fans are going to keep relying on leaks and rumors to give them an idea of what to expect from the upcoming much-anticipated game. The latest leak shows a fan-made early map of GTA 6, which is based on the leaked clips that were circulating the internet some time ago.

The leak suggests that the map is going to be almost triple the size of the map that was previously featured in Grand Theft Auto 5. The concept map was put together by the devoted GTA Mapping community and was shared by an X (formerly Twitter) user called @jasonfromgta6_2. The map was made by using the coordinates that were featured in the previously leaked clips in order to calculate the distance between them.

What’s interesting is that once you carefully look at the estimated measurements, the distance between Port Gellhorn and Vice City is almost the entire length of the entire GTA 5 map. This suggests that the map of the upcoming entry in the GTA series will reportedly be slightly bigger as compared to its predecessor. Since GTA 6 hasn’t been officially announced yet, fans are desperately waiting for its trailer, which will be revealed in the coming month.

What to expect from the upcoming GTA 6 map?

Unfortunately, everything we know about the GTA 6 map is through leaks, rumors, and fan-made concept maps since Rockstar hasn't officially confirmed anything about the game. Last year, nearly an hour's worth of gameplay footage was leaked when the game was still in development, some of which also gave us an idea of what the map of the open-world game will look like. One GTA 6 concept map was shared by a leaker, which suggested that the game will reportedly feature multiple cities and towns.

Fans also made a huge map design that was based on the massive document that contained all of the GTA 6 leaks that were revealed when the game was in early development. Since then many rumors and leaks dove deeper into the map and what it might feature, with one leak claiming that the game will allegedly take place in multiple states, such as Florida, Georgia, Miami, and more! A leaked screenshot of the map was also going around some while back, offering a glimpse at the game's massive city and open world map.


GTA 6 Will Reportedly Bring Back Single-Player Expansions

With he trailer coming out in the coming month, we can only hope that we receive an official look at the GTA 6 map. The trailer release announcement alone instantly broke a major record and became X’s most-liked gaming post so far. So, one can only imagine what the hype will be like when the actual trailer gets released and how the fans will react to the sixth entry in the GTA franchise. Unfortunately, the official release date of GTA 6 hasn’t been revealed yet, but many rumors claim that it won’t be released in 2024.

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