GTA 6 Devs Hid The Game’s Trailer Date in an In-Game T-Shirt, Nearly Went By Unnoticed

GTA 6 Devs Hid The Game’s Trailer Date in an In-Game T-Shirt, Nearly Went By Unnoticed

GTA 6’s trailer date was right under our noses this whole time, and we never even noticed it!

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Rockstar Games seems to have all the attention this week as the studio gets ready to celebrate its 25th anniversary with the first official reveal trailer of GTA 6. For years, fans have been waiting for the developers to reveal some information on the upcoming GTA title. However, some keen-eyed fans recently noticed that Rockstar might have already teased the trailer’s reveal date months ago.

Spotted by PCGamesN earlier this year, GTA Online introduced a brand-new T-shirt at that time that had "OneDayWillRevealAll" written on it. On top of this, it also consisted of a number sequence of 12523, which can be interpreted as December 5, 2023. Only a few days ago, Rockstar announced that the GTA 6 trailer would come out on December 5 at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET.

As of right now, fans are pretty excited about this reveal, with multiple video game publishers and studios trying to steal the spotlight from GTA 6 with announcements that somewhat copy the relaxing Miami colors of Rockstar’s original tweet. With the GTA 6 debut trailer ready to dominate the news headlines for a few days, players also have The Game Awards 2023 to look forward to.

What might players expect from GTA 6?

Unfortunately, since Rockstar Games refused to reveal any details regarding GTA 6, players had to fall back on leaks and rumors. GTA 6’s leaked footage offers a glimpse into the world of GTA 6, giving us a peek at the game’s unreal loading times. Last year, more than 90 videos were leaked of the game while it was in early development, making it one of the biggest leaks to take place.

In that leak, we found out that the game will feature two protagonists inspired by the Bonnie-Clyde duo: a male called Jason and a female called Lucia. This will possibly mark the first time for the GTA franchise to introduce a girl in their title. Many leaks have come up regarding them, with many claiming that Lucia will have a child.


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Some other rumors suggest that GTA 6 will reportedly bring back single-player expansions, feature co-op gameplay, and its weapons have reportedly taken inspiration from previous Rockstar titles. Let’s just hope that the trailer coming out tomorrow will give us an idea of what’s in store for us!

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