GTA 6 Leak Suggests The Game Will Feature Co-Op Gameplay

GTA 6 might allow players to work together as teammates as part of the reported co-op gameplay that might be featured in the game!

image via GTA Online Credit: Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games initially confirmed that the sixth installment in the GTA series was in development back in February 2022. However, fans already had an idea about it owing to the many gameplay leaks that had been circulating the internet. Many fans actually believe that the development of Grand Theft Auto 6 kicked off nearly ten years ago but has allegedly gone through a reboot more than once.

Since the very first announcement regarding GTA 6, Rockstar remained tight-lipped for quite a long time without revealing any more information on the game. Due to this reason, fans had to resort to the many, many leaks and rumors that were frequently circulating the internet, giving us an idea as to what to expect from the game. However, that changed when the co-founder of Rockstar Games, Sam Houser, officially revealed that the game’s first trailer would arrive in early December.

Now that we’re back to leaks till the trailer releases, the latest one claims that the GTA 6 story mode will reportedly be playable in co-op with any other player. If this turns out to be true, it would be a huge deal due to the fact that the story modes of the GTA franchise have always been single-player. The Reddit user Tobbelobben30, who is quite popular among the entire GTA Forum, shared the leak. They said:

I recently made an intriguing discovery related to the GTA VI leaks, and I'm surprised that this particular aspect hasn't received much attention. While the Grand Theft Auto series (Story Mode) has traditionally been a single-player experience, the leaked clips hint at the possibility of cooperative gameplay between the two characters in GTA VI . As I delved into the leaks, I stumbled upon what appears to be a "Player Action Manager" that showcases various in-game actions available to players. You can observe this in the video where Jason toggles between prone and standing in a grey box environment. The manager consists of five different sections: "Action List," "Source States," "Action Context," "Scenarios," and "Conditional Actions." However, I believe the leaks only reveal the contents of the "Action List" section.

Tobbelobben30 then said that under the “Action List” section, all of the actions are “associated with a status,” which seems to be made on the basis of the character’s state in GTA 6. He claimed that these actions are connected to the behavior of the character during particular situations. The leaker refers to the leaked video, in which the character “Jason” can be seen “standing still in an open environment.”

Since this is only a leak and hasn’t been officially confirmed yet by Rockstar Games, it shouldn’t be taken seriously. However, considering that GTA 6 will allegedly feature two playable protagonists called Jason and Lucia, this leak might just end up coming true. But again, GTA 5 did feature three protagonists, and that was also just a single-player campaign.


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Despite that, with GTA 6 expected to be released on PC and new-gen consoles, maybe co-op gameplay is more likely to be featured in this game than the previous one. Once again, these are only leaks and should be taken lightly as of now, but just the thought of playing GTA 6’s story mode with a friend is enough to hype up fans!

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