GTA 6: Jason and Lucia Rumors and Leaks Explained In Detail

GTA 6: Jason and Lucia Rumors and Leaks Explained In Detail

Prior to the GTA 6 trailer’s release, let’s go over some of the most popular Jason and Lucia leaks and rumors!

GTA 6 appears to be the hot topic among the gaming community lately, especially after Rockstar’s recent announcement that the much-anticipated game will finally receive a reveal trailer in early December. Fans are excited to get some official information for Grand Theft Auto 6 after being forced to rely on rumors and leaks for the past several months. There’s a high chance the trailer will also confirm the setting and protagonists of the game.

The protagonists to be featured in GTA 6 are the most essential aspects that players are desperate to learn more about, with the topmost theory claiming that the game is going to feature two main characters, Jason and Lucia. Rumors and leaks suggest that the two are inspired by the Bonnie-Clyde duo and are a couple that are tied together by crime.

For those unfamiliar, Bonnie and Clyde are famous American criminals who traveled to the country with their gang during the Great Depression. They committed many crimes and robbed small stores together, garnering the attention of the local press. Long after they were ambushed and shot by the police, a movie was also made about them. This movie re-ignited public interest in the duo and made them even more famous than they were before.

With the many, many leaks and rumors that have been making rounds on the internet over the past few months, fans have pieced together many potential details about the two protagonists prior to the release of the GTA 6 trailer. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular rumors in order to learn more about what to expect from the game.

GTA 6 Leaks & Rumors For Jason


Some of these leaks and rumors are mere speculations and theories, while most come from the massive leak that took place in September 2022, in which 90 early development videos of GTA 6 were leaked. These leaks claimed that there will be a male protagonist in Grand Theft Auto 6 who goes by the name of Jason.

Rumors indicate that Jason is a fairly young man and will probably be played by actor Bryan Zampella, who has been leaving plenty of hints on his social media regarding his involvement in GTA 6. Many reports claim that Jason is going to be a member of a huge gang, possessing various hobbies like ATV driving and fishing. These activities might be reflected in the in-game activities that are reported to be part of the game.

Plenty of rumors painted Jason as a messy and unserious person who loves committing crimes. His personality seems to be the complete opposite of Lucia’s. These are all the rumors that have been in demand and popular regarding the figure, but Lucia has certainly been grabbing a lot more attention than Jason in the past couple of months.

GTA 6 Leaks & Rumors For Lucia

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If the leaks and rumors turn out to be true, then Lucia might just be the first-ever female protagonist to be featured in GTA history. Rumors claim that she’s going to be younger than Jason, with both protagonists being members of the same gang. It’s also claimed that Lucia will reportedly be the gang’s youngest member and will possess great knowledge and show a huge degree of emotional maturity.

Many fans have suggested that Jason and Lucia might be romantically involved, but there’s no definitive evidence that they are indeed together. Rumors actually indicate that their opposite nature and personality are often the reason behind the strong hostility between the two protagonists.

GTA 6’s Lucia Might Have a Child

The topmost rumor regarding GTA 6’s Lucia is that the female protagonist might have a child who’s going to play a major role in the game and be a motivation for Lucia herself. Considering how old the character appears to be, the child might be quite young, adding the element of vulnerability for Lucia that can be exploited in the game. Since Lucia isn’t a huge fan of the gang, she might be sticking around and indulging in a life of crime only to look after and support her child.

With GTA 5’s Michael being the sole Grand Theft Auto protagonist to be a parent, this rumor adds a whole new layer to Lucia’s character. Since not much is known about Jason and Lucia’s relationship, we aren’t sure if Jason is the child’s father. However, this does have the potential of being a major plot hole in Grand Theft Auto 6.


Grand Theft Auto Fans Are Enraged that GTA 6 Might Feature a Child

It’s important to note that all of these are only rumors and haven’t been officially confirmed by Rockstar Games, so they shouldn’t be taken seriously. We sure do hope that the upcoming GTA 6 reveal trailer might confirm some of these rumors!

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