Netflix's One Piece Season 2: Mackenyu Teases More Action-Packed Scenes for Roronoa Zoro
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Netflix's One Piece Season 2: Mackenyu Teases More Action-Packed Scenes for Roronoa Zoro

As the journey to the Grand Line won't come without several more enemies along the way, there will be a lot of fights happening in Netflix's One Piece Season 2.

One Piece's Mackenyu Credit: Netflix

After the first season's success, Netflix officially confirmed the coming of One Piece Season 2 in September. Details about the much-anticipated second season remain scarce, but thanks to Mackenyu, who plays the role of Roronoa Zoro, he teases what’s to come for his character, and there will be more action-packed scenes.

During his appearance at Comic-Con Arabia 2023, Mackenyu revealed what fans could expect from One Piece Season 2 while answering the host’s questions. “Expect a lot more in Season 2, including better action fight scenes from Zoro,” he said while playing coy about what viewers could see in the new season.

And with Eiichiro Oda's confirmation that Tony Tony Chopper would make his way to the second season of the Netflix live-action adaptation, the Japanese actor would also love to meet the cute doctor soon. In fact, he even revealed that he's his "top favorite character."

You can watch his interview below:


What fighting scenes of Zoro can we expect in Netflix's One Piece Season 2?

Eiichiro Oda’s manga of the same name, on which the show is based, has featured several action-packed scenes since its serialization in 1997. It was adapted into anime by Toei Animation, premiering in 1999. Zoro has been involved in several fights as one of the main characters and members of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Netflix's One Piece Season 2 is expected to adapt the Arabasta Arc if it sticks to its source material. Here, the Straw Hats will have a new member, Chopper, and will introduce new villains, as well as another set of obstacles that Luffy and the rest of the gang have to go through, and some of that includes intense fights featuring Zoro.

That said, fans might see Zoro fighting a hundred Baroque Works agents on his own, and it’s expected to be flashy in the Netflix live-action adaptation. If this happens, it could be one of the best highlights of the second season.

The second installment may also feature his fight against Mr. 1, the powerful Devil Fruit-eater assassin. As Zoro barely survives this encounter, finally beating him will be a huge step toward becoming the greatest swordsman.


One Piece Season 2: Will Netflix Continue Luffy's Epic Journey?

These may not only be the fight scenes that will involve Zoro, but there may be so much more. So, watch out for One Piece Season 2’s release, as it’s reportedly now in the works after the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes have finally ended. For more details, you can visit here for release date speculations, cast, plot, and more. You can also click here to see the sneak peek.

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