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One Piece Season 2: Will Netflix Continue Luffy's Epic Journey?

The success of first season points to a possible One Piece Season 2.

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Netflix’s One Piece has been released to critical success and positive reviews. The eight-episode series has effortlessly hooked fans with its great storytelling, visuals, and not to mention entertaining cast performance. That said, many are now clamoring for One Piece Season 2.

Based on Eiichiro Oda’s manga of the same title, One Piece was officially released on Netflix on August 31. More than the Straw Hats’ journey to find the titular treasure called One Piece and Luffy’s dream of becoming the next Pirate King, the series tells the story of friendship and reaching one’s dream, coupled with great action scenes and other side stories that make it as wonderful as it is. So, with this tale, will Netflix continue Luffy’s epic journey?

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Will Netflix renew One Piece?

So far, there are no words if Netflix will renew One Piece. However, its success points to a possible renewal, and many hope it will happen soon.

Since its release, the series has received rave reviews, with some saying it has broken the curse of Hollywood’s live-action anime adaptations after what happened with Cowboy Bebop and Death Note. Rotten Tomatoes already gave it an 80% Tomatometer with 35 reviews and a massive 95% audience score with over 5,000 ratings.

“In simply accepting... small yet crucial oddities, Netflix’s One Piece proves its willingness to hold on to what makes the original property so fantastic,” a top critic says.

One Piece Credit: Netflix


Hints that One Piece Season 2 May Happen

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

The first season referenced the organization Baroque Works, a criminal syndicate that Warlord Crocodile created to destabilize and conquer the Arabasta Kingdom, seemingly setting up a new storyline for the possible One Piece Season 2. Though it was a big shift from the manga, as it wasn’t mentioned until far later, it happened as early as Episode 1, where Zoro refused to join the group by defeating Mr. 7. It was also revealed that Vice-Admiral Grap had been investigating its activity in East Blue.

In addition, at the end of the series, a post-credit scene teased the arrival of another Marine character, Smoker the White Hunter. Also known as Smoker, he burned Luffy’s wanted poster with the tip of his lit cigar.

However, it’s good to note that Baroque Works and Smoker’s introductions happen in two different sagas. Baroque Works is part of Baroque Works Saga, the second saga of the manga/anime, while Smoker is introduced in the Loguetown arc, part of the series’ first saga, East Blue Saga. As these parts of the manga have been teased in the first season, these are maybe enough hints that One Piece Season 2 may happen.


What may happen in One Piece Season 2 and what chapters will it cover?

Though nothing is confirmed yet, based on the first season’s ending, One Piece Season 2 may cover until the manga’s 217th chapter. The first season alone only covered 100 chapters in just eight episodes.

The first few episodes of the second season may finish the first saga, East Blue Saga. The previous season featured five out of six arcs in the first saga, leaving the Loguetown arc unfinished.

Hence, in One Piece Season 2, fans may see Luffy and his crew stock up on supplies by going to Loguetown before they get to the Grand Line. Here, they will meet Smoker, the primary antagonist in the Loguetown arc.

After finishing this arc, One Piece Season 2 may begin the Arabasta Saga, also called the Baroque Works Saga. This saga has five arcs: Reverse Mountain, Whiskey Peak, Little Garden, Drum Island, and Arabasta, though it remains to be seen if the series will adapt it all.


Netflix’s One Piece Post-Credit Scene Teases a Major Player’s Arrival

With continuous source material, a huge fan base, and becoming a hit to the viewers, it’s not far that Netflix will order One Piece Season 2. Now, it is probably just a matter of when.

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