Netflix’s One Piece Season 2 Officially Begins Production
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Netflix’s One Piece Season 2 Officially Begins Production

The Straw Hats crew is ready to make a grand comeback as Netflix’s One Piece Season 2 officially begins production!

Inaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece Season 1 Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s One Piece came out last year to many praises and ended up making a mark in the hearts of many. The fans were nothing but excited at the time of the show’s release and were soon swept off their feet after watching it. It was easy to predict that the live-action series was going to be a hit, so many started looking forward to a Season 2, which was soon confirmed.

Everyone’s got their entire attention on Netflix now that One Piece has started filming again for Season 2, including the cast that is celebrating the exciting news with a special video. Netflix recently posted a new video on X to officially announce the production of the show. The video features the entire cast of One Piece as they get together in Cape Town, South Africa.

In this video, the Straw Hat crew members Inaki Godoy (Luffy), Jacob Romero (Usopp), Mackenyu (Zoro), Taz Skylar (Sanji), and Emily Rudd (Nami) can be seen making their way to the Going Merry pirate ship present in South Africa. You can watch the video below:

One Piece fans clearly have high expectations from Netflix to deliver a season that is as good as the previous one. The show has been a good luck charm for Netflix since it was such a huge hit and even managed to become its most-watched original in 2023. This is why it’s understandable why fans have such high expectations from the upcoming season as well.

When will One Piece Season 2 come out?

For now, we’re aware of the fact that Netflix’s One Piece has entered the production phase, so many fans believe that Season 2 of the live-action series might drop in late 2025. While that is a long waiting time, we would not want to hurry Netflix up and risk compromising the quality of the show. So, all we can do is wait for the production to end and the newest season to come out. Since One Piece Season 1 explored the East Blue Saga, the upcoming season will be tackling the Arabasta Saga.


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Not only this but it was revealed last week that the show will also be introducing some new faces to the usual cast members, including Clive Russell and David Dastmalchian. Moreover, the show’s editor, Eric Litman, recently teased that the upcoming season will feature some “pretty cool powers.” In addition to this, fans have reason to believe that Season 2 will reportedly feature eight episodes. From the looks of it, One Piece Season 2 is already shaping up to be an exciting one!

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