GTA 6 To Reportedly Release Sometime In 2025

GTA 6 To Reportedly Release Sometime In 2025

While the GTA 6 trailer is about to come out, the game itself is a long way off from releasing!

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Rockstar Games is allegedly targeting a 2025 launch date for GTA 6, which means there are about two years before we get to dive into the open-world game. Rockstar Games is among some of the finest in the gaming industry when it comes to releasing new AAA video games. The studio is among the few studios that are not afraid to take as long as they need to develop a new game and then deliver a masterpiece once they are finished.

Nearly five years have passed since the studio launched its last game, and once GTA 6 is released, it might be around seven years between games. When it comes to GTA games, it has been almost ten years since the release of GTA 5. So, it'll most likely be twelve years between the two games once GTA 6 launches.

Despite that, we are making long strides towards Grand Theft Auto 6. Rockstar Games also recently confirmed that it would reveal the game’s first trailer in December in such a way that it coincides with the company’s 25th anniversary. Not a lot of people expected the devs to announce the trailer so soon, especially considering how October was greatly rumored to be the month for GTA 6’s reveal.

Fortunately, Rockstar ended up surprising its fans this week and confirmed that we’ll finally be getting a trailer before the year ends after such a long silence from the company. Many fans believe that the trailer might mention the year when the game will be released, if not the complete date. Many are hoping that GTA 6 will launch in 2024, especially after considering how they had to wait. Speculations suggest that Rockstar remained silent on the topic for this long so that it could just announce the game’s launch date when it was sure it was close.

As per Rockstar Universe, an X account that knew the developer’s reveal plans before they even announced GTA 6, claims that the company is reportedly aiming to release the much-anticipated game in 2025, even though it was initially supposed to be 2024. They also stated that Rockstar Games has been talking to an advertising agency in the hopes of having physical ad space for GTA 6 around New York City in December once the trailer is live.

When is GTA 6 expected to release?

The latest GTA 6 leak suggests that the highly anticipated game will reportedly launch during the fiscal year 25, as it was also previously teased by Take-Two Interactive during their earnings call. Most leaks are pointing toward the fiscal year and claim that there's a high chance Rockstar Games plans on releasing the game during that time. Lately, a Reddit user leaked some information that suggested that the developers don't expect GTA 6 to launch in 2024.

A popular and reputable GTA insider also burst the bubble for many of us by claiming that the upcoming GTA 6 game will reportedly not be available for PC players from day one. According to them, it's because PCs tend to bring up more glitches than consoles, and Rockstar wants to avoid chaotic PC releases for the time being. Since GTA 6 is far from releasing at the moment, fans can say goodbye to GTA 7, which might not be released for the next couple of decades.


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However, when it comes to GTA 6's release window one can only hope that the developers will give us some idea next month as to when we can expect the game to release.

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