GTA 6 Leak Suggests Characters Will Age as They Progress Through The Game

If the recent leaks are to be trusted, then GTA 6 will reportedly feature an aging system!

GTA 6 age rumor Credit: Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games finally confirmed the one news that many fans have been waiting to hear for a really long time, i.e., the confirmation of Grand Theft Auto 6. The developers also confirmed that they’ll be releasing a teaser for the upcoming much-anticipated video game at the beginning of next month. While nothing else was officially revealed by the developers, we do have many leaks and rumors to fall back on.

Even though many of these haven’t been officially confirmed yet by the developers, they do give fans an idea as to what’s in store for them. The latest GTA 6 leak comes from a reputable Grand Theft Auto leaker known as @RockstarGTAVI, who claims that the upcoming game will feature an elaborate aging system, along with a beard and a hair-growing system.

This means that as you progress through the game, your character will begin to grow old and transform right in front of your eyes. Many other games, including The Sims and Rockstar Games’ own Red Dead Redemption 2, have used such systems in the past, so maybe Rockstar is also looking to expand their horizons when it comes to the GTA franchise.

From the looks of it, Grand Theft Auto 6 is set to deliver a mind-blowing gaming experience if this leak does turn out to be true. The fact that the developers have used this system in the past on their very own game increases the chances of this particular leak coming true. Nevertheless, this leak should not be taken seriously since it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. But how cool would it be to watch your character go through the circle of life and grow old?


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Unfortunately, it looks like we might have to wait quite a long time before we can see for ourselves if the aging and hair-growing system is a part of GTA 6 or not, along with all the other leaked features and mechanics. When it comes to the game’s release date, a leak suggests that GTA 6 will reportedly be released sometime in 2025. Perhaps we’ll get a peak at some of these features in the upcoming game trailer, the news of which instantly broke a major record! We’ll just have to wait and see what the game has in store for us!

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