Grand Theft Auto V Actor Hints That His Character Won't Return in GTA 6

As the arrival of the GTA 6 trailer nears, is GTA V actor Shawn Fonteno saying goodbye to his character, Franklin, or just the 10-year-old game?

Grand Theft Auto V Actor Hints That His Character Won't Return in GTA 6 Credit: Rockstar Games

Much to the excitement of many game spectators, the announcement of the arrival of Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer brings a lot of thrill on what the game would have in store. It has been a decade since Rockstar Games released a game in the franchise and it celebrates its 25th anniversary with the trailer of GTA 6. As December nears, GTA V actor Shawn Fonteno, who played Franklin, shares a cryptic post that hints that his character may not return in GTA 6.

Grand Theft Auto V has been in existence for a decade and it has kept the players company for years before the arrival of the next installment in the game series, GTA 6. One of the fan-favorite characters that has been through everyone in their journey on GTA V is none other than one of the protagonists of the game, Franklin, played by Shawn Fonteno. Now, The actor shared a cryptic post on Instagram with an artwork of his character, Franklin, walking along a shore with his beloved companion, Chop. See the post below:

The artwork contains the words, "It's a late goodbye, such a late goodbye..." and the caption says, "Welp chop it’s just me and you boy" with a winking emoji. The cryptic post of Fonteno contains a hint that he might not return for GTA 6 as he seemingly says goodbye to his character. Meanwhile, some fans assume that Fonteno is just bidding his farewell to the game GTA V as they wrap up their affairs in the said game in preparation for GTA 6. As per the rumors, it has been long speculated that the cast of GTA V would either make cameo appearances in GTA 6 or they would bid their formal farewell in a GTA Online update.

Who are the rumored protagonists of GTA 6?

While there is no official reveal yet from Rockstar Games, leaks for GTA 6 reveal that the game would continue with the trend of having multiple characters available for players to choose from. Other leaks reveal that the protagonists of GTA 6 would be something like Bonnie and Clyde with a male named Jason, and a female named Lucia, a Latina protagonist who will be the first woman character to be available to play in the history of Rockstar Games. More than that, reportedly, Lucia will have a child, too. Much like GTA V, GTA 6 is expected to have the same character switch feature which the players can utilize any time to change between Jason and Lucia in the game.


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GTA 6 trailer arrives in early December 2023.

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