GTA 6 Leaked Details: Tools, Weapons, & More

As the release of the much awaited trailer of GTA 6 is about to arrive in December, leaks surge through like the tools and weapons which may be available in the game.

GTA 6 Credit: Rockstar Games

Nearing their 25th anniversary, the game developer is bringing a new game in the franchise a decade after the release of GTA V. Rockstar Games has its plate full as everyone awaits for the arrival of Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer coming in December and the game is surely underway in the next few years. Now, while waiting for its release, leaks are coming in with what weapons and tools would be available in GTA 6 should the game arrive.

Grand Theft Auto brings the criminal underworld to a game that everyone loved throughout the years following a criminal working for a way to come up top. The game offers a both shooting and driving into one game and it remains to be one of the favorites over the years since its first release in 1997. With a shoot and drive game, tools and weapons are of high importance and for Grand Theft Auto 6, leaks show what players could use to finish up their missions.

GTA 6 leak: What are the tools in the game?

GTA 6 leak: What are the tools in the game? Credit: Rockstar Games

Tools come in handy in every mission and it's always a good thing to scout for what one could use to make it through every step of the way. As per the leaks, GTA 6 may be featuring different golf clubs, and auto-dialer, and a pool cue. Leaks also say there will be a crowbar, and something like a bolt-cutter for chains on doors, containers, and fences. The leak reveals that the players could use a Slim Jim but it could only be utilized for older cars which could be a bummer, though.

The leak also suggests that there may be an Immobilizer Bypass to get access to newer and luxury vehicles through hacking the immobilizer by matching the code with the use of the PDA, and a Tracker Jammer device which could stop the police from finding them through cutting the GPS from signal transmission when committing a crime. For an additional adrenaline or stamina boost, cigarettes may be available, too, and to help the health of players, there may also be food, drinks, trauma kits, and painkillers. A torch, USB Drive, and binoculars may also be in the game and leaks say that the players could use a duffle bag for storage of cash, gold, and consumables.

GTA 6 leak: What are the weapons in the game?

GTA 6 leak: What are the weapons in the game? Credit: Rockstar Games

Never go into a battle without any weapons and for GTA 6, Rockstar Universe shared on X (formerly Twitter) what the inventory hosting system for GTA would look like and it will reportedly be something similar to that of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Alan Wake 2. The leaks reveal that GTA 6 weapons would be like that of GTA V which may include a Rocket Launcher, Assault Rifle, Knife, Micro and Compact SMG, and Pump Action Shotgun. Other weapons such as a Molotov, Flashbang, Smoke Grenade, Polymer Pistol, Hunter Sniper, Carbine Rifle, Heavy Machine Gun, and Baseball Bat.


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Take note that all these information are yet to be confirmed by Rockstar Games as they're considered just leaks and rumors. Nothing beats the confirmation from Rockstar Games on what tools and weapons would be in GTA 6, but we will update you with the latest information once Rockstar reveals details about the highly-anticipated game.

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