GTA 5’s Shawn Fonteno Gets Excited For GTA 6 Trailer, Possibly Teasing Franklin's Return

GTA 5’s Franklin voice actor Shawn Fonteno possibly teased his appearance in GTA 6 by saying, "If I told yall I might get in trouble"!

image via the official Rockstar Games website Credit: Rockstar Games

Shawn Fonteno, GTA 5’s popular voice actor behind Franklin Clinton, shared his excitement for the upcoming GTA 6 reveal trailer. GTA 5 recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary in September, with GTA Online still being enjoyed by players, further confirming its success and still having a heavy player base. More than a decade has passed since the release of GTA 5, and now GTA fans are currently waiting to hear some official news regarding the much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6.

Rockstar’s reputation has dropped a bit in the past couple of years due to their messy GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition release back in 2021 and some debatable pricing decisions for Red Dead Redemption’s PS4 and Switch ports. However, last week, Rockstar Games’ co-founder Sam Houser officially confirmed GTA 6’s reveal trailer, which will come out in early December.

With only two weeks left to its reveal, Franklin Clinton’s voice actor from GTA 5, Shawn Fonteno, shared how hyped he was about the upcoming GTA 6 game. On Twitter, he said,  "If I told yall I might get in trouble," in all caps, clearly displaying his excitement. He didn’t elaborate on why he’s excited, but since GTA 6’s trailer is all set to go live next month, it looks like he’s talking about that only. Fonteno’s excitement has led fans to question if Franklin Clinton will be making an appearance in the upcoming game, and since this post was removed, the suspicion has only grown stronger.

Past Grand Theft Auto games have made little reference to previous protagonists in the series, but to see Franklin playing a major role in the game would be something else completely. If this turns out to be true, then there’s a chance that GTA 5 co-leads Trevor and Michael might also appear, especially since the latter's actor might have possibly teased his return for GTA 6.

However, there’s a small chance that all three GTA 5 protagonists will appear in GTA 6 since the series is all about conveying brand-new stories with completely new characters. If Franklin is featured in the upcoming game, then he might be part of some side quest and won’t be a part of the game’s epic launch. There’s also a chance that he has nothing to do with GTA 6 and is only excited about the game’s trailer since he has been a part of the GTA family.

What is the expected release date of GTA 6’s trailer?

While Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards are set to go live on December 7, Rockstar Games has previously made its major reveals as it saw fit. With their 25-year anniversary falling on December 10, and with Sam Houser confirming that the GTA 6 trailer will arrive in early December, there’s a high chance that it’ll be released on Rockstar’s anniversary.


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We’ll just have to wait and see what the developers have in mind since there are only a few more weeks left before the trailer’s official reveal. However, when it comes to the game’s release window, many leaks and rumors claim that GTA 6 will reportedly launch sometime in 2025.

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