Deadpool & Wolverine: Ryan Reynolds Confirms [SPOILER] Cameo

Deadpool & Wolverine: Ryan Reynolds Confirms [SPOILER] Cameo

Among the many rumored cameos in Deadpool & Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds has finally confirmed one.

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Deadpool & Wolverine’s presale tickets have started, proving it’s the most anticipated summer movie of the year after breaking Fandango’s first-day ticket sales. However, though the promotion for the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie is now in full gear, it remains to be seen which X-Men and Marvel characters will appear. Thankfully, Ryan Reynolds has confirmed Rob McElhenney’s cameo, though he remains tightlipped about McElhenney’s role.

In the latest episode of Welcome to Wrexham, which premiered on May 23 on FX, McElhenney visited Reynolds on the set of Deadpool & Wolverine in London. After his arrival, the footage was blurred as he met the Canadian actor. “Deadpool censored material,” it noted.

Director Shawn Levy also welcomed McElhenney. McElhenney and Reynolds had a discussion, but much of what the latter said was on mute. Later, they entered a trailer; this time, McElhenney was already wearing a robe, hiding what he was donning inside.

“Because of my busy schedule, I had to invite my co-chair, Rob McElhenney, to the set of Deadpool in London to discuss all things that are Wrexham,” Reynolds said.

Hugh Jackman’s co-star then revealed that he promised McElhenney a role in Deadpool & Wolverine, though he couldn’t reveal the character he played. He even quipped that Marvel drone is following him and his kids, and he’s afraid to be “shot down.”

And with McElhenney’s oversized robe zipped up to his neck, he couldn’t help but admit that it was “super uncomfortable” to make superhero movies. From there, Reynolds confirmed his Wrexham AFC co-chair's after thanking him for appearing in the film. But his gratefulness didn't just end there. True to his style, Blake Lively’s husband mocked McElhenney for not inviting him to his shows It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Mythic Quest, podcast, and other multimedia ventures.


What role may Rob McElhenney play in Deadpool & Wolverine?

Reynolds and McElhenney have remained mum about the latter's role in Deadpool & Wolverine. However, in the episode, his jacket’s zipper was a little low, and the logo of his suit was revealed. With its black and orange design, it looks like the writer-producer will be seen as one of the Time Variance Authority agents.

The clip also plays a part in the film’s trailer, where the TVA visits Wade Wilson in his home and points to an agent who seems like McElhenney in a TVA suit. Reynolds also hinted that McElhenney might be seen as a TVA agent after the former kept pointing out TVA Minutemen.

Reynolds and McElhenney have been known for having a contentious friendship after buying Wrexham AFC together in November 2020. The two occasionally interact online and prank each other during their respective birthdays.


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Deadpool & Wolverine is set to release in theaters on July 26, 2024. Whatever McElhenney’s role is, Reynolds probably plans to make something hilarious in his co-chair’s appearance.

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