Netflix’s One Piece Season 2: Iñaki Godoy Reveals 3 Storylines He Wants to Make in Live-Action
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Netflix’s One Piece Season 2: Iñaki Godoy Reveals 3 Storylines He Wants to Make in Live-Action

Iñaki Godoy wants to continuously explore Luffy's adventure to the Grand Line and bring it into live-action through Netflix's One Piece.

Netflix’s One Piece Credit: Netflix / Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha, Fuji Television, Toei Animation

Netflix is now gearing up for the production of the live-action adaptation of One Piece Season 2. After getting a new showrunner and giving a production update, the streamer hints at the introduction of Mr. 3 in the series. And to thrill fans even more, the show’s lead star, Iñaki Godoy, reveals the three storylines he wants to make in live-action.

In a Spanish interview with YouTuber Full Haki Marco, as translated by ComicBook, Godoy talked about life and his role in One Piece Season 2. There, he was asked which scenes from Eiichiro Oda’s manga he wanted to bring to life, and he gamely said Nefertari Vivi’s farewell in Arabasta, Nico Robin’s “I Want to Live” scene, and the entirety of the Marineford Arc.   

In Arabasta Saga, which the second season is expected to adapt, Vivi and her pet duck, Karoo, became the Straw Hats’ allies after being discovered to be a spy plotting against Baroque Works. However, she leaves the group of pirates after defeating the syndicate.

She bids an emotional goodbye while holding her speech over a Den Den Mushi. The Straw Hats respond by showing their friendship marks on their arms and start to sail off. Despite that, Vivi is still considered a member of the crew.

Meanwhile, Nico Robin’s “I Want to Live” scene is part of the 16th story arc, Enies Lobby Arc, of the manga’s fourth saga, Water 7 Saga. Robin runs away from the world when Luffy declares war and asks Sogeking to burn the World Government’s flag. He then asks Robin to say she wants to live.

As the Straw Hats watch Robin do it, she’s visibly upset and takes a little while to do so. Robin never thought that the day would come when she would do it. After declaring she wants to live, she also reveals she wants to join the pirates and sail the sea once again with them.

Lastly, the Marineford Arc, the fourth story arc for the sixth saga Summit War Saga, sees the Straw Hats escape Impel Down and travel to Marineford, the Marine Headquarters’ base, after failing to reach Ace before he’s transferred. With the clash of powers, from Whitebeard’s threat to the pirates who want to throw the Emperor, Luffy finds it hard to stand his ground.


Who are the characters to appear in Netflix’s One Piece Season 2?

Previously, Oda revealed that Tony Tony Chopper would appear in One Piece Season 2 while announcing the second-season renewal. The appearance of Smoker is also confirmed through the first season finale’s end-credits scene. But aside from these two, Netflix is now gradually unveiling new characters that will make their way to the second season.

Godoy hinted at Mr. 3’s introduction into the live-action while celebrating Luffy’s birthday on May 5. The actor brought out a cake and blew its candle, which featured a “3” wick, similar to Mr. 3’s iconic hairstyle. In addition, recent casting calls revealed the other characters who will join Luffy and the Straw Hats’ second outing on Netflix.

As revealed by What’s on Netflix, a casting call for a 17-20-year-old female with an ethnicity of Middle Eastern, North African, or South Asian seems to refer to Princess Vivi, a 20-39 Hispanic/Latino refers to Nico Robin, and a white 25-35 male refers to Smoker. Moreover, the series is also looking for a 20-29 Asian female who could be Tashigi, another white 20-29 female as Ms Valentine, a black 20-29 male who could be Mr. 5, and a 65-79 male who might be Crocus.


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However, fans are advised to take these assumptions with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed yet. But with these characters' involvement in the Arabasta Saga, they will likely be seen in Netflix’s One Piece Season 2.

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