Kaiju No. 8 Episode 9 Preview Shows an Intelligent Monster Targeting Defense Force's Strongest Member

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 9 Preview Shows an Intelligent Monster Targeting Defense Force's Strongest Member

Hoshina will unleash his great fighting skills again to fight an intelligent monster in Kaiju No. 8 Episode 9.

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 9 Credit: Defense Force 3rd Unit ©Naoya Matsumoto/Shueisha/Production I.G

The Defense Force continues their fight against the kaiju threatening Japan. For the past few episodes, this group has been seen braving the monsters’ attacks to defend their people and their country. However, aside from Mina Ashiro, one of the group's most prominent members is Soshiro Hoshina, who possesses a hundred percent combat power. So, it’s no surprise that the preview for Kaiju No. 8 Episode 9, titled Tachikawa Air Base Attack, shows an intelligent monster targeting the Force’s strongest member, Hoshina.

You can watch the Kaiju No. 8 Episode 9 preview below:


The anime’s official website has released the official trailer and stills for Kaiju No. 8 Episode 9. The preview begins with intense action, with a kaiju attacking from above and raining fire on the city of Tachikawa. Kikoru Shinomiya leads the fight as she bravely runs to attack the monster. Kafka Hibino is also seen running as the fight gets intense. Now that he’s an official member of the Force, he’s about to prove what he got in fighting the monsters.

Reno Ichikawa also aims his shot at the gigantic beast, as the next scene shows all the members facing the kaiju. But the real threat is not this monster. To Kafka’s surprise, a red kaiju starts to talk, and by its looks, it’s an intelligent monster that can speak and understand human language. With its surprising abilities, Hoshina appears and prepares to launch an attack on the mysterious red monster.

Alternatively, the Kaiju No. 8 Episode 9 stills give a good look at the monsters and the Force members’ fight. The red monster looks every inch intimidating. It’s not only oversized but is also muscular, with protruding horns at the back. A flying monster is also revealed, and it seems to be the one throwing fire on Tachikawa.

Aoi Kaguragi and Haruichi Izumo work side by side as they prepare to face the monster. Reno also teams up with Shinomiya, and with the intense look on their faces, they’re ready to do whatever it takes to defeat the enemy. Kafka looks surprised as he comes face to face with the intelligent kaiju. For the last still, Hoshina has unsheathed his glowing, fighting knives as he’s ready to take on the red kaiju.

You can see the Kaiju No. 8 Episode 9 stills below:


What to Expect from Kaiju No. 8 Episode 9

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 9 will show the Force’s hunt for Kaiju No. 9. While doing so, a group of monsters will attack Tachikawa Base, led by a gigantic kaiju that can understand human language and is intelligent. With its intelligence, the beast will enjoy the fight and set its eyes on the strongest member of the team, Hoshina.

You can read the Kaiju No. 8 Episode 9 synopsis below:

While the search for ‘Monster No. 9,’ who had disguised himself as a human and was hiding out, continues, a group of monsters suddenly attacks Tachikawa Base without Mina! The leader of the group of pterosaur-type monsters, who do not gather in groups, is a new ‘giant monster’ who can understand human language and has intelligence. As if enjoying the fight, the monster targets the strongest member of the team there, Hoshina.


The anime is based on Naoya Matsumoto’s manga of the same title. It has been serialized since 2020 and has collected 12 tankobon volumes as of April 2024. It also has over 13 million copies in circulation. Though it’s yet to become one of the best-selling manga, it’s praised for its premise, characters, and art. Production I.G. adapted it into anime, premiering in April 2024 and releasing eight episodes.


What date and time will Kaiju No. 8 Episode 9 be released?

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 9 will be released on SaturdayJune 8, at 11 PM JST. It will then stream internationally on Crunchyroll.

For other release times based on your region, you can check the list below:

  • 7 AM Pacific Daylight Time

  • 10 AM Eastern Daylight Time

  • 3 PM British Summer Time

  • 4 PM Central European Summer Time

  • 7:30 PM Indian Standard Time

  • 10 PM Philippine Standard Time

  • 11 PM Japanese Standard Time

  • 11:30 PM Australia Central Standard Time


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In the previous episode, fans have already seen Hoshino’s great fighting abilities in his battle against Kaiju No. 8. So, as the strongest Force member, it’s a must-see how he will defeat an intelligent monster in Kaiju No. 8 Episode 9.

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