GTA 6 First Trailer Has Tens of Thousands of Fans Waiting Before It Goes Live

GTA 6 First Trailer Has Tens of Thousands of Fans Waiting Before It Goes Live

Less than 24 hours before the launch of the very first trailer of GTA 6, tens of thousands of people are already waiting for it to come out! Will it set viewing number records?

GTA 6 First Trailer Has Tens of Thousands of Fans Waiting Before It Goes Live Credit: Rockstar Games

The wait is almost over as finally, the first look at Grand Theft Auto 6 is arriving. It has been a decade since GTA V and the drought for the next game in the series is officially ending tomorrow as the trailer for GTA 6 is set to drop with a promising number of tens of thousands of fans across the globe are already eagerly waiting for its release before it even goes live! With such a high number of spectators as soon as 24 hours before the game trailer releases, will this break records in terms of viewing numbers?

Rockstar Games is rising to the occasion as the highly anticipated release of the GTA 6 trailer happens tomorrow, December 5, 2023 at 9 AM EST where there would be a live preview of the first look of the newest game in the series. 24 hours before the release of the much awaited GTA 6 trailer, fans all over the world are already waiting for the game even when it would still take almost a day before it goes live. As seen on the YouTube video premiere of Trailer 1, the countdown to the launch of the clip shows a whopping number of spectators already waiting as of the time of writing. Check out the trailer reveal link below:

Tens of thousands of gamers, fans, and enthusiasts are already flocking the link even before it goes live. That goes to show how highly anticipated this game's trailer release is and it could potentially break the internet with the possibility of millions viewing the trailer at the same time once it releases. There is also the potential to break records of viewing numbers on the first hours of its release.

What to expect from the GTA 6 trailer?

The GTA 6 trailer has been confirmed to be one minute and 31 seconds long which means 91 seconds filled with an exciting first look experience on the game. The anticipation builds up every minute that passes and thousands of people come and go on the lick to check on the release even when there is already a countdown attached to it. That being said, the trailer is expected to blow up massively.

Other expectations on the GTA 6 trailer include the possible first look at Jason and Lucia who are rumored to be the main protagonists on the game, new locations or possibly those from the old but with a more modern touch, the gameplay of GTA 6, new features, and more. Recently, a massive leak brought the internet to a fiasco as the dev's son revealed the size of the map and the major cities that would possibly be featured. The post was already taken down but these are some of the possible things to look out for in the trailer. Are you ready for one of the biggest game trailer reveals of, possibly, all time?


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The GTA 6 trailer comes out on December 5, 2023 at 9 AM EST.

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