GTA 6 First Trailer Length Revealed

GTA 6 First Trailer Length Revealed

T minus 24 hours before the release, the length of the GTA 6 trailer is finally revealed.

GTA 6 Trailer Length is More Than A Minute Long Credit: Rockstar Games

Only a few hours left and the trailer of one of the most highly anticipated games to ever release would finally be out in the open as GTA 6's first look arrives tomorrow. Rockstar Games already dropped the premiere link for the Grand Theft Auto 6 which brings everyone to their knees waiting for its arrival. What's better is that the reveal trailer showed that the trailer will be a minute and 31 seconds long, a whole 91 seconds of greatness that took a decade to finally be here.

Rockstar Games is not pumping the brakes as they course through the reveal of the trailer of one of the biggest games to ever come out in this day and age: Grand Theft Auto 6. After a decade of waiting, the game series is finally getting the next installment and the first look at the highly anticipated game is happening tomorrow, December 5th, at 9AM EST. The trailer is expected to unveil what to anticipate when you're already anticipating. See the reveal trailer link below:

With a whopping one minute and 31 seconds, witness the next chapter of the beloved game of 25 years as Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer comes. The length of the GTA 6 trailer would be including splash screens so the actual footage from the game is expected to be shorter. While this trailer seems short, previous trailer reveals are much shorter than this with a minute and 25 seconds for GTA V and a minute and nine seconds for Red Dead Redemption 2.

What to expect on the GTA 6 trailer and where to watch it?

As indicated above, Rockstar Games already prepared the trailer reveal link for GTA 6 with a countdown to spice up the excitement. It will be available on their official YouTube page. This is also expected to blow up all around social media with the avid fans and gamers waiting for it. While leaks would not stop until the last minute of the release of the GTA 6 trailer or even after it, fans are expecting a lot of material on the GTA 6 trailer like some story details and some gameplay. A confirmation on the setting of the game, rumored to be Vice City, is also anticipated, plus the official reveal of what Jason and Lucia would look like.


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The trailer reveal of GTA 6 happens tomorrow, December 5, at 9 AM EST.

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