Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture Reveals New Character Trailer For Catherine

Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture Reveals New Character Trailer For Catherine

The new character trailer for Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture shows how a badass Knightmare pilot Catherine is!

Catherine in Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture Credit: SUNRISE/ PROJECT Z-GEASS

The first part of the Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture anime movie recently hit theaters in Japan, and to get fans of the mecha anime franchise hyped for its theatrical release, the official YouTube channel of Code Geass has released a new character trailer for Catherine (voiced by Nao Touyama). The new trailer also features the opening theme song of the anime, Running In My Head by MIYAVI. Watch the character trailer for Catherine below:

Catherine known as the White Queen, is clearly a badass Knightmare pilot as she is seen looking calm and confident in her mecha battles, so don't let her sexy outfit distract you. It's not surprising that the four-part Code Geass movie features an eye candy like Catherine, considering how the original anime series You can check out the character visual for Catherine below:

Catherine - Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture visual Credit: SUNRISE/ PROJECT Z-GEASS

Last week, the first Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture character trailer featuring the titular protagonist, Rozé, was released, and earlier this week, another action-packed trailer with spectacular mecha battle footages came out, also featuring the anime's catchy opening theme song.

Ichiro Okouchi and Goro Taniguchi are credited for the story of Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture, with Yoshimitsu Ohashi directing, and Noboru Kimura in charge of the series composition. CLAMP is once again credited with the movie's original character designs with Hidekazu Shimamura and Takahiro Kimura as character designers.

The Japanese voice cast for Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture includes:

  • Kohei Amaki as Rose

  • Makoto Furukawa as Ash

  • Reina Ueda as Sakuya Sumeragi

  • Takaya Kuroda as Kensei Kuroto 

  • Yutaka Aoyama as Tokio Iwamoto

  • Kanehira Yamamoto as Shiro Sazanami 

  • Chikahiro Kobayashi as Kaoru Shizuka

  • Yuka Terasaki as Natalia Luxembourg

  • Haruka Shiraishi as Mei Ema

  • Masashi Nogawa as Vallen Sterk 

  • Katsuyuki Konishi as Isao Monobe 

  • Miyu Tomita as Haruka Rutaka 

  • Shoya Chiba as Tomo-omi Oda

  • Taito Ban as Shota Munemori 

  • Riho Sugiyama as Yoko Araki 

  • Anzu Haruno as Yuri Sano 

  • Hayato Fuji as Sanshiro Tomi 

What is Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture about?

Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture (originally announced as Z of the Recapture) is the latest project of the popular mecha anime franchise. Produced by Sunrise, the anime movie will focus on the titular character Rozé and his brother, Ash. Set in the world created by Goro Taniguchi and Ichiro Okouchi, the story will follow the mercenary pair of new characters on an all-new action-packed adventure full of mecha battles.

The mercenary brothers are from what was once Hokkaido in Year 7 of the Kowa era. Rozé is the younger brother with a knack for leadership and gathering intelligence; and Asha is the elder brother with high athletic and Knightmare piloting skills. Rozé is set to embark on a quest to capture Empress Sakuya from the clutches of the Neo Britannian Empire. At this point, it's still unclear how the story of the four-part anime film will tie to the most recent releases of the Code Geass franchise.

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Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture Release Dates

The first part of Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture was released in Japanese theaters on May 10. It will be followed by Part 2 on June 7, Part 3 on July 5, and the fourth and final part on August 2. The new mecha anime was also announced to be released as 12 episodes on Disney Plus under the "Star" brand.

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