Bridgerton Author Already Knows Who Will Be the Next Couple of Season 4

Bridgerton Author Already Knows Who Will Be the Next Couple of Season 4

Three Bridgerton siblings can take the lead in Bridgerton Season 4, but it looks like one of them is now out of the picture.

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The first part of Bridgerton Season 3 is already released, with four episodes now streaming on Netflix. But though its second part won’t be out until June 13, 2024, there are talks about which love story will lead the next season. As for the Bridgerton novel series author Julia Quinn, she already knows who will be the next couple of Bridgerton Season 4, though she can’t say anything yet.

Bridgerton is a series of eight Regency romance novels that follow the story of the eight Bridgerton siblings. Each book tells the love story of each Bridgerton child. However, the TV adaptation has changed the order of things, so no one knows who will lead Bridgerton Season 4 yet—except for Quinn.

“I do know, but I can't say yes,” she told People. “I can't say a word; I'll get in so much trouble.”

So far, Netflix has already adapted the first two books of Quinn’s eight-book series, with Daphne and Simon taking the lead in the first season and Anthony and Kate leading the second season. However, Bridgerton Season 3 made a jump. It adapted the fourth book, Romancing Mister Bridgerton, which told the story of Penelope and Colin, instead of the third book, An Offer from a Gentleman, which followed Benedict’s love story with Sophie, whom the TV series had yet to introduce.

Talking about the change, series creator Shonda Rhimes told Entertainment Tonight in March 2022 that they wouldn’t necessarily follow the books’ order. However, she assured fans they would see each Bridgerton sibling telling their love stories.

With the show’s future already secured, having been renewed for a fourth season four months after its first season’s release, Rhimes already has “a very specific plan” for each season, and they have even planned through the sixth or seventh season.

“Because you really have to start seeding in the other siblings and what's going on with them to push them to the next season,” she told Variety.

Will Eloise lead Bridgerton Season 4?

So far, three major pairs can lead Bridgerton Season 4: Benedict and Sophie, Eloise and Sir Phillip Crane, and Francesca and Michael Stirling. However, as many assume that Eloise will be the next one to tell her love story, it looks like it’s far from happening.

Unlike Season 2, focusing on Penelope’s secret identity as Lady Whistledown, hinting that she would lead Bridgerton Season 3, the current season has yet to introduce Eloise's love interest, Crane. The guy is only mentioned as Marina’s husband and only briefly appeared in the second season.

For her love story to begin, she needs to start a correspondence with Crane, and it’s also yet to happen. In addition to her troubles with friendship, it looks like she has no time for love at all. She doesn’t even care about it—yet. It’s also good to note that Marina has yet to make an appearance in Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1. Marina plays a vital role in Eloise and Crane’s love story, being the catalyst of it. So, without her, there’s no way that their tale can begin.

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Anyhow, there are still four episodes left, so what will happen next remains to be seen. Who knows, there may be a big twist, and Crane will finally appear.

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