X-Men '97 Episode 9: Is [Spoiler] Really Dead?

X-Men '97 Episode 9: Is [Spoiler] Really Dead?

The battle against Bastion took its toll on the X-Men and one of them may have met their demise.

X-Men '97 Episode 9 Credit: Marvel Studios Animation / Disney+

Warning: Major X-Men ‘97 Episode 9 spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.  


Fans may still be reeling from the death of Gambit and the massacre of Genosha, but the latest X-Men ‘97 Episode 9, titled Tolerance is Extinction – Part 2, seems to have featured another demise of a major X-Men member. The group was divided into two teams to face Bastion in his headquarters and Magneto on Asteroid M. But as Jean Grey tried to find Bastion’s location, he was met by Mister Sinister and their battle ended up with Cable being controlled by the genius scientist to kill her. As Jean bid his goodbye to Cyclops by using her powers, it left a big question to many: is she really dead?

Though no one knows if Jean Grey will survive Cable’s attack, there’s a big chance she will do so. If this happens, it will not be the first time that she will escape death. In fact, throughout the series, her evolution into a phoenix has been mentioned several times.

When Rogue was about to join Magneto and leave the X-Men, the former asked who would die next and referred to Jean, saying she “had been there done that.” Also, in the emotional scene between Jean and Storm, when the latter decided to face a legion of sentinels, Ororo Munroe told her “sister” that she always emerged stronger after facing darkness. “A survivor. A phoenix,” she continued.

That said, Jean may still be connected to the Phoenix Force, allowing her to return and continue her fight in the upcoming X-Men ‘97 finale. If she does, she will come out stronger and finally succeed in defeating not just Mister Sinister but also Bastion.

X-Men '97 Episode 9 Credit: Marvel Studios Animation / Disney+

What is Jean Grey’s Phoenix Force in X-Men?

The Phoenix Force is one of the oldest known cosmic entities. It’s even said to predate darkness and the universe. It’s known to be the “immortal, indestructible, and mutable” manifestation of life and the nexus of all psionic energy that has and will ever exist in the multiverse.

The Phoenix maintains death and rebirth and is one of the most feared entities. Its power is usually seen through its hosts. In this case, through Jean Grey. If the Phoenix’s hosts die, they will go to the White Hot Room and the Phoenix will be reborn with a Phoenix Egg.

In the X-Men comics, Jean called out for help, and the Phoenix Force answered and saved her during an emergency mission in space. At the time, their shuttle was exposed to deadly radiation levels. Despite being on the verge of death, Jean was still determined to save her friends, which moved the Phoenix. It took the form of Jean’s body and housed her psyche, while Jean’s dying body was placed into a healing cocoon called a Phoenix Egg.


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That said, if Jean dies, she can return much stronger through the Phoenix Force. Who knows, she may even end up saving Cable from Mister Sinister's hands, which may start a closer relationship between the two. X-Men ‘97 Episodes 1-9 are available to stream on Disney+, while the final episode, Tolerance is Extinction – Part 3, is set to release on Wednesday, May 15.

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