X-Men '97 Episode 10: What Does the First Season Finale & Mid-Credits Scene Mean for Season 2?

X-Men '97 Episode 10: What Does the First Season Finale & Mid-Credits Scene Mean for Season 2?

A major villain appears in the X-Men '97 Season 1 finale, setting up the stage for X-Men ‘97 Season 2.

X-Men '97 Episode 10 Credit: Marvel Studios Animation / Disney+

Warning: Major X-Men ‘97 Episode 10 spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.


X-Men ‘97 Season 1 has come to an end, and it never disappoints. Episode 10, Tolerance is Extinction – Part 3, is every inch epic, with action-packed scenes, numerous cameos, and, of course, several teasers of what’s to come. With a second season on the horizon, here’s what the first season finale and mid-credits scene mean for X-Men ‘97 Season 2.

The X-Men have once again saved the day by defeating Bastion and ending the villain’s Operation Zero Tolerance. Magneto has also returned to his senses and used his powers to save Earth from Asteroid M. However, after doing so, Asteroid M is gone, as are the X-Men.

But don’t worry; the group of powerful mutants is alive. The X-Men ‘97 Season 1 finale shows them being sent through time, with Rogue, Nightcrawler, Beast, Charles Xavier, and Magneto, ending in 3000 BC Egypt and meeting En Sabah Nur. Alternatively, Cyclops and Jean Grey find themselves in 3960 AD and meet Mother Askani and the young Nathan Summers. As for Wolverine and Morph, their location has yet to be revealed.

Add those to Apocalypse’s appearance in the mid-credits scene and Bishop’s return in the finale; it looks like one of the world’s first mutants has a major role to play in X-Men ‘97 Season 2. By the looks of it, the Age of Apocalypse is about to begin.

X-Men ‘97 Episode 10 Credit: Marvel Studios Animation / Disney+

What does Apocalypse’s appearance in the X-Men ‘97 Season 1 finale mean?

A credit stinger takes fans back to Genosha's ruins as the end credits begin. A voice is then heard saying, “So much pain, my children. So much death.” From there, Apocalypse is revealed, holding Gambit’s torn card from the dirt.

In the comics, Gambit returns from the dead after the events of Decimation and becomes one of Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen. Gambit volunteers to become Death, believing he can help restore mutantkind after Scarlet With wiped them out. However, in X-Men ‘97, it looks like Apocalypse will revive him to be one of his Horsemen.

X-Men ‘97 Episode 10 Credit: Marvel Studios Animation / Disney+

Will X-Men ‘97 Season 2 feature the Age of Apocalypse?

With the tease of Gambit’s return, X-Men ‘97 Season 2 will probably feature the Age of Apocalypse. With the part of the X-Men now in Ancient Egypt and meeting the young En Sabah Nur before he transforms into the villainous Apocalypse, they may help change the timeline to save the future timeline, where Jean and Cyclops meet the Clan Askani rebels, who are suffering from Apocalypse’s dominion.

In the comics, Mother Askani leads the rebellion against Apocalypse while protecting Nathan, who eventually becomes Cable. It’s also good to note that Bishop has returned to the series after being missing for a while. He knows “something or someone” has yanked the X-Men through time, and he may use his time-traveling powers to rescue their fellow mutants and reunite to stop Apocalypse.


Disney+'s X-Men '97 Season 2 Finale is Currently Being Written

All 10 episodes of X-Men ‘97 Season 1 are available on Disney+. So far, there are no words on when X-Men ‘97 Season 2 will be released.

If the second season features the Age of Apocalypse, the X-Men will battle Apocalypse in three different timelines. If this happens, fans can expect the new season to be as epic as the first.

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