Wonderland Preview Highlights the Sweet Chemistry Between Park Bo-gum & Bae Suzy
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Wonderland Preview Highlights the Sweet Chemistry Between Park Bo-gum & Bae Suzy

Fans are about to see the sweet chemistry between Park Bo-gum and Bae Suzy in Wonderland, though a tragic event will change the course of their love story.

Wonderland Credit: Netflix

Bae Suzy and Park Bo-gum’s international fans will finally get to see their first Korean movie together, Wonderland. After hitting the big screen in South Korea on June 5, Netflix has announced the sci-fi film’s streaming release this July. To give viewers a glimpse of what they’re about to see, the streamer has released a preview for the film, highlighting the sweet chemistry between the two leads, Bo-Gum and Suzy.

The preview for Wonderland features Tang Wei enjoying a meal with someone, capturing her sweet smile while she holds her drink. The next still shows her with a child whispering something to her ears. Bo-gum and Suzy look in love as they seemingly take a photo together while wearing their matching flight attendant uniforms. The two also appear incredibly sweet as they stare at each other while out and about.

Suzy can’t help but gaze at Bo-gum as they stay inside an aircraft, seemingly enjoying her view. However, Suzy’s lively mood suddenly changes as she clings to Choi Woo-shik with an evident sadness. The last two stills feature Jung Yu-mi and Woo-shik together; by their looks, they are onto something as they look after the simulated universe of Wonderland.

You can see the Wonderland stills below:


Who are the cast of Wonderland?

Wonderland features a star-studded cast led by Suzy and Bo-gum. For other cast members, you can check the list below:

  • Tang Wei as Bai Li

  • Bae Suzy as Jeong-in

  • Park Bo-gum as Tae-joo

  • Jung Yu-mi as Hae-ri

  • Choi Woo-shik as Hyeon-soo

  • Nina Paw as Bai Li's mother

  • Sung Byung-sook as Song Jeong-ran

  • Choi Moo-sung as Lee Yong-sik

  • Tang Jun-sang as Choi Jin-gu, Jeong-ran's grandson

  • Lee Eol as Hae-ri's father

  • Kang Ae-sim as Hae-ri's mother

  • Jeon Su-ji as Jeong-in's colleague

  • Darcy Paquet as Danny

  • Gong Yoo as Sung-joon

  • Kim Sung-ryung as Hyeon-soo's mother

Written and directed by Kim Tae-yong, it’s his first movie project nine years after the 2010 Late Autumn. Min Ye-ji co-wrote the film, with cinematography by Kim Seong-jin and Park Hyong-yeol.


What is Wonderland about?

Wonderland is a simulated universe where people can reconnect with their departed loved ones. It follows the story of the young couple Jeong In and Tae Ju after the latter falls into a coma. To see Tae Ju again, Jeong In seeks the help of Wonderland to rekindle their bond. Another user of the artificial intelligence is Bai Li, who wishes to talk to her daughter again after her demise, while Harry and Hyun Soo oversee its users’ experience to ensure they will find the comfort and closure they need.

You can read the Wonderland synopsis below:

Wonderland is an artificial intelligence that allows people to communicate with their departed loved ones through simulated video calls. Jeong-in, a flight attendant, asks to meet her comatose boyfriend, Tae-joo, while Bai Li joins the service to be able to talk to her daughter even after being dead.


In 2020, distributors Acemaker Movieworks and Netflix reached an agreement that the Korean movie would be released worldwide on the streamer, except in South Korea and China. Acemaker agreed to have a contract with the service and shoulder 30 percent of the post-production cost.

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Although Wonderland only earned a modest $4.2 million on its over three-week run, there’s no denying it’s quite a success in South Korea. It topped the box office on its first weekend, defeating Bad Boys: RIde or DIe, and maintained its ranking for the next three days. So, as many wait for its release worldwide, it may also top Netflix’s non-English movie list.

So far, Netflix has yet to reveal Wonderland’s official release date.

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