Weak Hero Class 2 Confirmed at Netflix; Star-Studded Cast Revealed
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Weak Hero Class 2 Confirmed at Netflix; Star-Studded Cast Revealed

Fans will once again see Park Ji Hoon as Yeon Si Eun in Weak Hero Class 2 on Netflix.

Weak Hero Class 2 Credit: Wavve/Netflix

After the second season of Weak Hero Class 1 was in talks to be released on Netflix, the streamer has confirmed that the show is back and has a working title of Weak Hero Class 2. Aside from renewing the series, the service also announced its star-studded cast members: Park Ji Hoon, Ryeo Un, Choi Min Yeong, Yoo Su Bin, Bae Na Ra, Lee Min Jae, and Lee Jun Young.

In a post on X (previously Twitter), Netflix announced the coming of Weak Hero Class 2, which will follow the story of Yeon Si Eun (Park Ji Hoon) after he transfers to a new school, Eunjang High School. He still carries with him the pain of failing to protect his friend from school violence in the previous season. With the horrible experience, he promises never to lose a friend again, even if it means he has to face more hardships and difficult challenges.


What roles will the newly announced cast members play in Weak Hero Class 2?

Netflix’s post also highlights the new cast members who will play Yeon Si Eun’s friends and enemies in Weak Hero Class 2. You can check the list below:

  • Ryeo Un as Park Hoo Min

  • Choi Min Yeong as Seo Joon Tae

  • Lee Min Jae as Go Hyun Tak

  • Bae Na Ra as Na Baek Jin

  • Lee Jun Young as Geum Sung Jae

  • Yoo Su Bin as Choi Hyo Man

According to Soompi, the series’ first-season production staff will continue their work in Weak Hero Class 2. That said, Yoo Soo Min and Park Dan Hee will return as the series directors, while Yoo Soo Min and Kim Jin Seok will pen the scripts.

Weak Hero Class 1 Credit: Wavve


Park Ji Hoon Talks About His Character in Weak Hero Class 2

Park Ji Hoon will again be seen as Yeon Si Eun, a diligent and studious student who only focuses on his studies. However, everything changes after he meets a new friend who he surely treasures. Talking about his role in Weak Hero Class 2, he told Naver, via Soompi, that “his heart is already pounding” after the first season brought him his first rookie award as an actor.

That said, he promised to show a different side of Yeon Si Eun this time, especially to the fans who have waited for the second season. “I will work hard to show a new side of me and how I’ve matured for those who waited with anticipation,” he said.

Based on the webtoon Weak Hero by Seopass and Kim Jin-seok (Razen), it was published in 2018 and is a prequel to the series’ events. It originally aired on Wavve on November 18, 2022, while its first three episodes premiered at the 27th Busan International Film Festival.

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So far, there are no words yet on when Weak Hero Class 2 will be released on Netflix. After the first season’s success and critical response, many are now looking forward to seeing Yeon Si Eun’s story again.

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