Sweet Home Season 3 Trailer Features Song Kang & Lee Do-hyun's Intense Fight
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Sweet Home Season 3 Trailer Features Song Kang & Lee Do-hyun's Intense Fight

Before Song Kang and Lee Do-hyun ally against Lee Jin-wook, they will first face each other in Sweet Home Season 3.

Sweet Home Season 3 Credit: Netflix

Netflix is now gearing up for the upcoming release of the third and final season of its hit apocalyptic K-drama Sweet Home. After giving its first look in February and dropping a teaser in June, the streamer has released the official trailer for Sweet Home Season 3. However, before Lee Do-hyun’s Lee Eun-hyuk allied with Song Kang’s Cha Hyun-su against Lee Jin-wook’s Pyeon Sang-wook, the preview features an intense fight between the two.

You can watch the Sweet Home Season 3 trailer below:


The Sweet Home Season 3 trailer begins with flashbacks from the first two seasons as Hyun-su transforms into a monster. The scene then shifts to Sang-wook as a narrator reveals, “Something extraordinary is going to happen.” Zombie-like creatures appear as Ah Yi (Kim Shi-ah) looks afraid and surprised. Lee Eun-yoo (Go Min-si) is seen lying on the floor, puzzled by everything that is happening, while an unconscious Hyun-su lies near her.

Later, Eun-yoo asks Hyun-su to come with her, but the latter seems to refuse. He then goes on a journey alone, revealing it has to be him who should put an end to these sinister events. Hyun-su then faces Sang-wook outside ruined buildings, hinting at a great battle between the two.

The preview then focuses on Eun-hyuk as he looks at a happy family photo painted with blood. “I was once a human like you,” he says when Kim Young-hoo (Kim Mu-yeol) holds him at gunpoint. “What are you?” Tak In-hwan (Yoo Oh-sung) asks, to which Eun-hyuk answers, “Neohuman.”

Eun-hyuk reveals he’s on the last step of monsterization before he finally meets Hyun-su inside a bus again. “Did you miss me?” he asks. From there, an intense fight begins, as Hyun-su tries to attack Eun-hyuk with his wing. By the looks of it, Hyun-su isn’t glad to see Eun-hyuk return as he asks why he even showed up.

In addition, the trailer shows the special infectees at the stadium, and the survivors seem to be detained. The military then attacks a woman monster, who has unleashed several tentacles from her back to retaliate. As Sang-wook charges at In-hwan, Hyun-su is seen running to the stadium, seemingly aiming to save the survivors and face Sang-wook for a final fight. With Eun-hyuk behind him, Hyun-su promises to kill Sang-wook “for good no matter what.”

Netflix also released a new poster for Sweet Home Season 3. This time, it features a side-by-side image of Song Kang and Lee Jin-wook set against a backdrop of a destroyed and flamed-engulfed stadium, perfectly capturing their imminent final battle.  

You can see the new Sweet Home Season 3 poster below:

Sweet Home Season 3 Credit: Netflix


What is Sweet Home Season 3 about?

Sweet Home Season 3 will feature the ultimate showdown of humans, monsters, and neohumans. The final season will see the end of monsterization, but a rise of new humanity will begin, threatening humans' survival. The world still reels on the boundary between humans and monsters, so fans must see which race will prevail.

You can read the Sweet Home Season 3 synopsis below:

In a world where monsterization has ended and a new humanity has begun, people desperately struggling to survive face difficult choices as the world teeters on the boundary between monsters and humans.

Sweet Home Season 3 Credit: Netflix


When will Sweet Home Season 3 be released?

Sweet Home Season 3 is set to be released on Netflix on Friday, July 19, at 12 AM PT/ 3 AM ET. For other release times based on your region, you can check the list below:

  • 12:AM Pacific Time

  • 3:00 AM Eastern Time

  • 3:00 AM (Toronto), 12:00 AM (Vancouver) Canadian Time

  • 4:00 AM Brasilia Time

  • 8:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time

  • 9:00 AM Central European Time

  • 10:00 AM Eastern European Time

  • 3:00 PM (Perth), 5:00 PM (Sydney) Australian Time

  • 7:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time

  • 2:00 PM (Jakarta), 12:30 PM (New Delhi) Indian Time

  • 3:00 PM Philippine Standard Time

  • 3:00 PM Hong Kong Time

  • 3:00 PM Singapore Standard Time

  • 4:00 PM Japan Standard Time

  • 9:00 AM Central Africa Time


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As the final battle between the monsters and humans will soon begin, Sweet Home Season 3 is expected to be full of action and drama. However, aside from Song Kang, viewers should also look out for the fates of other supporting characters as the end nears.  

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