Stranger Things Season 5: Joseph Quinn Hints at Eddie Munson's Possible Return
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Stranger Things Season 5: Joseph Quinn Hints at Eddie Munson's Possible Return

Though Joseph Quinn didn't directly reveal if he would return in Stranger Things Season 5, his answer is enough to excite fans.

Stranger Things: Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson Credit: Netflix

Joseph Quinn has been in the entertainment business since the early 2010s, appearing in a few British drama series, but he gained international attention when he played Eddie Munson in Stranger Things Season 4. The idiosyncratic leader of the Hellfire Club quickly became a fan favorite, but his time in the series was cut short when he met his demise at the hands of Demobats. As many want to see Eddie back, Quinn hints at his character’s possible return in Stranger Things Season 5. 

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the New York premiere of his new movie, A Quiet Place: Day One, Quinn teased the possibility of making a surprise appearance in Stranger Things Season 5. He even revealed the “chances are high” that he would reunite with the show’s cast and creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, in the future.

“I love those guys! I’d love to say hello,” he said.

The interviewer then told Quinn about the fans' feeling that he might once again be seen in the show's last and final season. When pressed on whether he would be part of it, he gave an interesting answer, which excited fans. However, The Fantastic Four star tried to soften his response and played coy.

“I might have that feeling, too,” he continued. “I don’t know!” he continued. “Who knows?”

Though it remains to be seen if Eddie will be part of the show when it returns, he is confident that the cast and creators will “land the plane” after working so hard for it. He feels delighted they’re about to finish the hit Netflix series and having a nice time doing so.

“I’m sure they’re gonna deliver it in a pretty epic way,” he added. “I have no doubts.”


Will Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson return to Stranger Things Season 5?

Fans saw Eddie die after performing an iconic guitar solo of Metallica’s Master of Puppets to distract the Demobats in the Upside Down. However, he ended up being attacked and fatally wounded, dying at the hands of Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo). As his death looks definitive, there may be no way for Eddie to return to Stranger Things Season 5 alive.

However, he may still be seen in flashback scenes, like when Dustin reminisces about their friendship and time together. But if Netflix decides to resurrect Eddie, it may hurt the show, considering it won’t be the first time that it will happen. To recall, Hopper (David Harbour) is believed to have died in the explosion beneath Starcourt Mall in the third season finale, only to come out alive in the fourth season. So, if the same thing happens to Eddie, it will look like a fan service and a cheap misdirect.

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Eddie’s heroic death is one of the most emotional scenes in the series. Though no one from the main cast has been killed off yet, the beloved supporting characters’ demise, like Barb (Shannon Purser), Bob (Sean Astin), and Alexei (Alec Utgoff), helps establish the show’s stakes. If Eddie comes out alive, his sacrifice will be wasted.

Stranger Things Season 5 is set to release in 2025, while Seasons 1 to 4 are available on Netflix.

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