Spider-Man Noir Live-Action Series Announced with Nicolas Cage in the Lead

Spider-Man Noir Live-Action Series Announced with Nicolas Cage in the Lead

From an animated movie, Nicolas Cage will play the role of Spider-Man Noir in a new live-action series.

Nicolas Cage will reprise his role as Spider-Man Noir after voicing the character in the 2018 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. However, this time, he’s about to dress in all black in the live-action series Noir. MGM+ and Amazon Prime Video announced the live-action adaptation of the darker take on the Wall Crawler story as he lives as a superhero in the 1930s.

The announcement comes ahead of Amazon’s upfront presentation to advertisers in New York on Tuesday. In a statement via Variety, Amazon MGM Studios head of television Vernon Sanders revealed that Sony plans to expand this franchise in the “most authentic way.”

“Expanding the Marvel universe with Noir is a uniquely special opportunity, and we are honored to bring this series to our global Prime Video customers,” he said.

Sanders added Cage is the ideal choice to take the lead in Noir. Alternatively, Sony Pictures Television Studios president Katherine Pope expressed her excitement about having the iconic actor star in the series, seeing no other man can perfectly portray the role of Spider-Noir.

“No one else could bring such pathos, pain, and heart to this singular character,” she added.

The show will also feature the “accomplished producing team” of Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, and Amy Pascal. Of course, Sony will also be involved in this project. Hailed from Oren Uziel and Steve Lightfoot, they will also serve as the series’ co-showrunners and executive producers.

The two will develop the series with Lord, Miller, and Pascal, who are also behind Into the Spider-Verse and will executively produce the show. Harry Bradbeer is also set to executive produce and direct the first two episodes.

“Along with our brilliant producers and partners at Amazon MGM Studios and Prime Video, we couldn’t ask for a better team to explore this reimagining of such an iconic character in Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters,” Pope continued.

Spider-Man Noir Credit: Marvel Comics / Disney


Who is Spider-Man Noir?

Spider-Man Noir is the alternate version of Spider-Man. He’s a black-clad, gun-toting vigilante who fights against corrupt politicians, bad cops, and mobsters like Norman "The Goblin" Osborne during the Great Depression.

In the comics, he seeks justice and uses his newfound abilities to fight crimes after the death of his uncle. But unlike the Spider-Man the world used to know, he uses a gun and prefers to parkour instead of sticking to walls. He, too, is a member of the Spider-Army, where he met all of his mainstream counterparts and their alternate counterparts.

Spider-Man Noir Credit: Marvel Comics / Disney


What is Spider-Man Noir live-action series about?

Spider-Man Noir will be seen in live-action for the first time in MGM+ and Amazon Prime Video’s Noir. Set in 1930s New York, it will follow the story of an aging private investigator played by Cage. Here, he will have to face his past as the only superhero in the city.

You can read the synopsis below:

Noir will tell the story of an aging and down on his luck private investigator (Cage) in 1930s New York, who is forced to grapple with his past life as the city’s one and only superhero.

This will mark the first time Cage plays a role in a TV series. Though he’s a fan-favorite when it comes to starring in live-action movies, he has yet to appear on his own show on the small screen.

“I can say that we have been talking. It's no secret that I love the character,” Cage told Collider in March 2024 while discussing the possibility of starring in Noir. “I can combine my favorite golden age performances — i.e. Robinson, Cagney, Bogart — with a character that is, I guess, widely considered [to be] Stan Lee's masterpiece. I see it as a kind of foray into a pop art mash-up of, sort of, a [Jungian] Lichtenstein mash-up by way of Bogart and Cagney, but nothing's definitive yet. It's just conversation.”


Is Marvel's Spider-Man 3 Happening?

So far, there are no words on when Noir will be released. Are you ready to see Cage in the live-action version of Spider-Man Noir? With several projects to his name, not to mention numerous awards to prove his talents, he’s the perfect guy to take the role.

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