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Netflix’s One Piece Post-Credit Scene Teases a Major Player’s Arrival

The end-credit scene of Netflix's One Piece already hints at the continuation of Luffy's journey.

One Piece Credit: Netflix

After a long wait, Netflix has finally dropped the entire eight episodes of the live-action adaptation of One Piece. Many may have probably watched it by now, and if they have all waited for the post-credit scene, they should have seen a familiar figure that may arrive in the series if there is a second season.

Netflix officially released One Piece on August 31. And as many have waited for this day to come to see the streamer’s take on this iconic manga by Eiichiro Oda, some say it manages to break the curse Hollywood has when making live-action adaptations of hit anime series. The show is now receiving positive reviews that may eventually result in a renewal.

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

Just when the viewers thought that One Piece would begin featuring the end credits after Luffy declared they would be on their way to the Grand Line, a brief scene showed a familiar figure. The man in question was wearing brown leather gloves and fur-trimmed sleeves while holding a cigar.

Though his face wasn’t revealed, these traits are enough to prove that the mysterious guy is Smoker the White Hunter. He then lit Luffy’s wanted poster with his tobacco, hinting at his possible arrival as the Straw Hat captain’s next enemy on the show.

Netflix’s One Piece Live-Action Credit: Netflix


Who is Smoker the White Hunter in One Piece?

Smoker the White Hunter, also known as Smoker, is the Marine vice admiral and the Commander of the G-5 Marine base after his former superior Vergo’s treason. First introduced as the captain of Loguetown, it was his mission to capture Luffy.

He was then promoted to a commodore rank after the events in the Arabasta Kingdom. He’s also Tashigi’s superior and mentor.

Smoker the White Hunter Credit: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece


Will Smoker the White House and Luffy fight in One Piece?

Smoker is Luffy’s recurring adversary in One Piece. That said, these two will be facing each other several times in the series in different arcs.

He’s Luffy’s major antagonist in the Loguetown Arc and his minor adversary in the Marineford Arc. However, they still end up being allies in the Arabasta Arc and Punk Hazard Arc, though only temporarily, as they only have to defeat a common enemy. As a marine and a pirate, they remain enemies after that.


Netflix’s One Piece Live-Action Show Releases Final Trailer Before Launch

So far, there are no words if Netflix will renew One Piece for a second season. But with the positive reviews it has been receiving after its release, it may not be far from happening. Surely, aside from Smoker, more major characters will be coming if One Piece Season 2 happens.  

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