Marvel Star Jonathan Majors Sentenced to 1 Year Domestic Abuse Counseling After Assault Conviction
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Marvel Star Jonathan Majors Sentenced to 1 Year Domestic Abuse Counseling After Assault Conviction

Jonathan Majors has evaded jail time but still received a one-year domestic abuse counseling sentence.

Marvel Star Jonathan Majors Credit: Marvel Studios

Jonathan Majors was supposed to be a major part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with his role as Kang Conqueror and his variants posed a big threat in The Multiverse Saga. However, that quickly ended after Marvel Studios fired the actor following his guilty verdict on two domestic violence charges in December 2023 filed by his former partner, Grace Jabbari. Almost four months later, Majors received a one-year domestic abuse counseling sentence following his assault conviction and harassing his ex-girlfriend, evading jail time.

Justice Michael Guffey of the state Supreme Court in Manhattan ruled on Monday, April 8, that Majors had to complete an in-person domestic abuse program in Los Angeles that would last for 52 weeks. Though he currently lives in the said city, the ruling includes a stipulation that he can eventually switch to virtual sessions.

In addition, the actor has to continue his mental health therapy, in which he’s already enrolled, and give updates about his progress to the court. The judge also gives Jabbari permanent protection from Majors, requiring the latter to avoid any contact with his ex. He, too, can’t apply or own a gun.

Any violation of these sentencing terms will result in Majors’ arrest and imprisonment of up to 364 days or one year. He may face six months of jail time if he fails to complete the counseling program.

For starters, Majors was convicted on December 18, 2023, of one count each of third-degree assault and second-degree harassment against Jabbari. The criminal case stemmed from a March 2023 incident between the former couple inside a hired SUV that left Jabbari with a broken finger and swollen arm and ear.

In a victim impact statement (via Variety), Jabbari claimed that her former boyfriend showed no remorse and didn’t take responsibility for his actions. She also believed that he would do this again and hurt another woman in the future.

"He will do this again. He will hurt another woman. This is a man who believes he's above the law," she said. "I had a career and life and body, all of which he's damaged. I will not rest until he's not a danger. He refuses to acknowledge guilt and take responsibility. He remains a danger to all those around him. I've seen his anger and he doesn't have control over it.”

Jonathan Majors Credit: Marvel Studios


Will Jonathan Majors return to the MCU?

After being convicted in December 2023 of misdemeanor assault and harassment, Marvel Studios quickly dropped Majors, losing his chance of appearing as the MCU’s big bad for several years and movies. Since then, the studio has remained silent about the 34-year-old’s future in the franchise and didn’t explain its plans for the character.

Rumors have it that the upcoming Avengers: The Kang Dynasty may have a new title that will remove Kang’s name, hinting at the studio’s move to shift its focus from Kang being the current phase’s main villain. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will now be called Avengers 5. No official confirmation about the movie’s official title has been revealed yet, so fans are advised to take this assumption with a grain of salt.

In an interview with GMA, Majors revealed that he had witnessed assaults but had never done it in his life. He also stressed that he knew about severe depression and childhood trauma and denied hitting or striking a woman.

"I've witnessed [assault] but never participated. I've been smacked up before, never exercised it," he said. "Those relationships went back to when I was 21, 22 years old and I just think, 'Was I a jerk? Was I a mean guy?' Knowing what I know now, severe depression, childhood trauma. I've had very few relationships, so I can gather what situations we're talking about. I was not the best boyfriend all the time. [I've] never hit a woman. I've never put my hands, struck a woman, ever.


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So far, there are no words yet on whether Majors will still have a chance to reprise his role in the MCU. But with his firing, it looks like Loki Season 2 is the last time fans see him as the Kang variant He Who Remains.

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