Hierarchy Season 2: Everything We Know So Far
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Hierarchy Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

With a major cliffhanger finale and a love triangle that needs to be solved, there's a big possibility that Hierarchy Season 2 will happen.

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Hierarchy is continuously topping Netflix’s Top 10 non-English TV list, sitting at No. 1 for two weeks after its release on June 7. The show has captured viewers’ interest with its thrilling drama and murder mystery, which can be likened to the 2022 hit The Glory. Following the story of the rich kids studying at the ultra-elite high school Jooshin Academy, Korea’s one percent bullies the scholarship student Kang Ha (Lee Chae-min). As the series ended with a major cliffhanger, seemingly setting up the stage for a possible Hierarchy Season 2, here’s everything we know so far.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.


Hierarchy focused on the arrival of Kang Ha in Jooshin. But instead of having the intention to study in the country’s top school, he made it his mission to expose everything that was happening at the academy and identify the killer of his fraternal twin brother, In-han (Kim Min-chul). Though he later learned Professor Ji-soo (Byeon Seo-yoon) had killed his brother, there are still several shocking mysteries that the show needs to solve. A post-credits scene reveals another student has been killed, while Kang Ha slightly smiles as he types out a message on his phone. After a few seconds, Kim Ri-an (Kim Jae-won) receives a mysterious text that says, “You look shaken up, Kim Ri-an,” before the scene cuts out.


Will there be Hierarchy Season 2?

So far, Netflix has not announced if there will be Hierarchy Season 2. The streamer has yet to renew the series for a second season, as it has been barely a month since it hit the small screen. The service is known for waiting at least a month before it greenlights a show to see if it receives good ratings and performs well.

However, there are few hints that the K-drama will continue. In addition to the post-credits scene, its ranking on Netflix’s Top 10 non-English TV list proves it’s a success. As of this writing, it has 6.3 million views and is part of the Top 10 in 72 countries. If the renewal happens, Hierarchy will not be the first K-drama to be renewed despite being originally planned for just one season. Love Alarm, Sweet Home, D.P., All of Us Are Dead, and Squid Game have all returned for another season.

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What to Expect from Hierarchy Season 2

Though it’s quite hard to predict what may happen next in Hierarchy Season 2, it may pick up where the first season left off. Another dead body is found, and there may be another investigation as to who is behind this mysterious murder. Hence, the show may return to Jooshin and see the changes Kang Ha has made on the campus. However, the traditional backstabbing and betrayal established in the first season may continue, and Kang Ha may now have his dark motives.

Also, it may delve into the love triangle between Kang Ha, Ri-an, and Jung Jae-i (Roh Jeong-eui). Jae-i has grown closer to Kang Ha after breaking up with Ri-an following her return from New York and miscarriage. Kang Ha also fell for Jae-i and confessed his feelings for her, but Jae-i isn’t ready to be in another relationship yet. That said, if the show continues, this love triangle is worth a revisit.

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Who will return in Hierarchy Season 2?

If Hierarchy Season 2 happens, there’s a big possibility that Jeong-eui, Chae-min, and Jae-won will return to reprise their roles as Jae-i, Kang Ha, and Ri-an. Lee Won-jung and Ji Hye-won may also return as their characters as Lee Woo-jin and Yoon He-ra are seen with Ri-an in the post-credits scene.

There may also be new characters that will enter Jooshin to either torment Kang Ha or be his allies. Whatever the case is, writer Chu Hye-mi and director Bae Hyeon-jin may have a good plan for the second season’s storyline and cast if the show continues.

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Though it remains to be seen if there will be Hierarchy Season 2, the show has already set up a few storylines to explore. The tension between Kang Ha and Ri-an may continue, and a different Jooshin Academy may be seen.

All seven episodes of Hierarchy are available on Netflix.

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