Deadpool & Wolverine Stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Address Possible Appearance in Avengers Movies

Deadpool & Wolverine Stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Address Possible Appearance in Avengers Movies

As Deadpool and Wolverine are about to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many wonder if they will be part of Marvel Studios' next Avengers movies.

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Deadpool & Wolverine will mark the titular characters’ first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film is believed to end the world of the X-Men under 21st Century Fox after Disney’s acquisition of the network in 2019, giving the mutants’ rights back to Marvel Studios. So, as Marvel is now working on its X-Men reboot and the next Avengers movies, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman discuss their possible appearance in the upcoming Avengers 5 and Avengers: Secret Wars.

In an interview with Variety as part of Deadpool & Wolverine’s press tour, Reynolds and Jackman were asked whether either would appear in the future Avengers movies after Wade Wilson and Logan joined the MCU. The two played coy about it, not giving exact answers, but it looks like Reynolds is not closing his doors to the possibility.

“I don’t know. Yeah, we’ll see. Yeah,” he said.

On the other hand, Jackman remained skeptical, admitting he didn’t know how to answer the question. Sure, it was easier to say no if they knew they wouldn’t be part of Marvel Studios’ planned movies for Phase Six, seemingly hinting at the possibility of their potential alliance with the Avengers.

“Clearly, this is our first major interview of this press tour. I’m not sure how to answer,” he explained.

Director Shawn Levy also participated in the interview. As he chimed in, he appeared to make fun of the two actors’ reactions to the question, quipping that the descriptive part of the article should reveal that the stars were “shuffling in their seats.” He also promised to get a “far more packed and evasive answer” for future interviews if they were asked the same question again.

“‘An echoing cough in the distance; a hawk circles.’ You can throw that in there if you like,” Reynolds added.


Will Wolverine and Deadpool be part of the upcoming Avengers movies?

Marvel Studios is set to release two Avengers movies, Avengers 5 and Avengers: Secret Wars, in 2026 and 2027 as part of the MCU’s Phase Six and The Multiverse Saga. Though details about these films remain scarce, they may feature a new group of Avengers. The villain also remains to be seen after Marvel Studios fired Jonathan Majors, who played Kang the Conqueror, the supposed antagonist that the superheroes will face, in December 2023 after he was found guilty of two domestic violence charges.

So, as Marvel Studios is now struggling amid the so-called superhero fatigue following the exit of some of its biggest stars, like Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans, and a few underperforming films and series, Deadpool & Wolverine may help the company get back to its feet again with its posed success. The film is already breaking records ahead of its release, like Fandango’s first-day ticket sales. It’s also posed to hit the billion mark at the box office again, a feat that last happened after the release of Anthony and Joe Russo’s 2019 Avengers: Endgame.

That said, Marvel Studios may keep Reynolds and Jackman around to reprise their roles in future projects. Before the MCU introduces its mutantkind, these two may appear in the next Avengers movies one way or another. This may happen as they’re about to fulfill a mission under the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and help the Avengers face the new villain.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) may even play a role here. As he is now the protector of the Multiverse, the new keeper of time and the TVA, he may recruit Deadpool and Wolverine to aid the Avengers in keeping their different universes safe. However, fans are advised to take this assumption with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed yet.

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Though it remains to be seen if Deadpool and Wolverine will be part of the Avengers movies, it’s good to note that Reynolds seems to have teased his appearance in Avengers 5 after sharing a photo of a blue flag with the team’s logo on Instagram. As he didn’t reveal what it means, many believe it’s a cryptic hint of his bigger role in the MCU.

Deadpool & Wolverine is scheduled to premiere on July 26.

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