Deadpool & Wolverine Star Ryan Reynolds Teases "Surprisingly Emotional" MCU Film

Deadpool & Wolverine Star Ryan Reynolds Teases "Surprisingly Emotional" MCU Film

Aside from being funny and brutal, Deadpool & Wolverine may surprise viewers with the roller coaster of emotions it will make them feel.

Deadpool & Wolverine Credit: Marvel Studios / Disney

For the first time since Gavin Hood’s 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine, fans will once again see Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s iconic characters together on the big screen in Deadpool & Wolverine. Their grand entrance to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has built incredible hype, not just with the promise of numerous cameos but seeing the X-Men joining the Multiverse. So, as many expect the threequel to be hilarious, as teased by the titular characters’ funny banters in the trailers, Reynolds teases the movie will be "surprisingly emotional."

During Disney’s fan event in Shanghai, China (via ComicBook), Reynolds was asked to describe Deadpool & Wolverine in one word. Surprisingly, the actor said the movie is “very emotional.” He even claimed it was “more emotional” than anything he had participated in.

“Ultimately, the movie is very emotional,” he said. “It's more surprising but emotional.”

Reynolds can’t help but turn a little sentimental as he ponders working with two of his closest friends, Jackman and director Shawn Levy. He calls this experience the best in his entire life and incredibly profound. However, true to the 47-year-old star’s style, he can’t avoid making fun of it, saying the movie becomes funnier because “it’s so emotional.”

“But then for the film to exceed that experience and be even more special and more emotional than anything that I've ever been a part of and funnier because it's so emotional, it allows so much of that funny to come out in interesting ways,” he explained.

Shawn Levy Explains the Funny but Emotional Tone of Deadpool & Wolverine

If fans are confused about the funny but emotional tone of Deadpool & Wolverine, Levy explained that it’s blending Deadpool’s original tone with what viewers expect from the MCU. Sure, it will be provocative and edgy, but it will also feature humor that can be as heartfelt as it is raunchy.

“It is an MCU movie — so it is filled with action, adventure, and big themes — but it is very faithful to the Deadpool tone, which is audacious, irreverent, and always surprising,” he said.

The filmmaker admitted that he thought making his first Marvel movie would be scary and challenging, knowing it was a huge task and telling a big story about anti-heroes who were also heroes. However, he was thankful to Marvel Studios for letting them have the freedom to write the script and make the movie they wanted.

Deadpool & Wolverine Credit: Marvel Studios / Disney

Hugh Jackman Calls Deadpool & Wolverine the “Greatest of My Career”

Meanwhile, at the same event, Jackman calls Deadpool & Wolverine the “greatest of my career.” After his supposed send-off film, James Mangold’s 2017 Logan, the Australian actor thought he was finished with his iconic character following announcing his retirement in the same year. However, after they came up with the idea of joining Deadpool and Wolverine together, he knew it was the matchup he, Reynolds, and fans wanted.

“The experience of making the movie was also one of the greatest of my career, and I've been playing Wolverine for 25 years,” he said. “This experience exceeded anything I've done before as this character — and in many other movies, in anything.”

Jackman admitted to loving this movie and teased that fans could even see it on the big screen. He also praised Reynolds and Levy for the incredible things they did for his character. It would feature sides of Wolverine that he had never played before, challenging and exciting him as an actor.

“I feel in many ways fans of Wolverine — because of Deadpool, because of [Reynolds and Levy], are going to see a fuller, more different side to him than you've seen before. And that was thrilling for me, and I hope it is for you,” he added. “You can feel the warmth. The movie has a warmth to it, and it's funny, and it's irreverent, and the action is crazy. But I think you can feel the friendship.”

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By the looks of it, fans will feel a roller coaster of emotions when they finally see Deadpool & Wolverine on July 26. With these teases, the threequel is not only posed as a summer blockbuster but an MCU movie like no other.

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