Deadpool & Wolverine Star Ryan Reynolds Teases His Next Project with Hugh Jackman

Deadpool & Wolverine Star Ryan Reynolds Teases His Next Project with Hugh Jackman

After Deadpool & Wolverine, fans will see Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman together again in a new project.

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Deadpool & Wolverine won’t be released until three more weeks, but Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are already eyeing their next collaboration. The two Hollywood actors have an incredible rapport as real-life best friends, and fans enjoy seeing them together. By the looks of it, they’re about to take advantage of that great chemistry as Reynolds teases his next project with Jackman.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Reynolds revealed that they already have a new project in mind that they’re about to do soon. However, it looks like it won’t be another Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, as he seems to hint that it will be about two people who are “rooting for each other.”

“We have one we're looking to do soon. I would say that [ours] is like any relationship that is successful and works: It's that two parties are rooting for each other,” he said.

Reynolds then turned a little sentimental as he revealed that he’s personally rooting for Jackman to always “score and win.” And as the Australian actor’s friend for years, he already knows who the X-Men star really is from the nuance of his heart and mind.

“I can say firsthand that he's a person who's not just worth rooting for; he's somebody who's impossible not to root for,” he continued.

Judging by Reynolds' statement, this new project may be about a story of friendship and two men who are always there to support each other. So, amid the expectations that fans will once again see them in Marvel Studios’ X-Men reboot, their next collaboration may not be a superhero film.

Deadpool & Wolverine Credit: Marvel Studios / Disney

Kevin Feige Hints at the Introduction of MCU’s X-Men in Deadpool & Wolverine

Talking about the X-Men reboot, Marvel Studios is working on its first-ever X-Men movie after Disney acquired Fox in 2019. Though it remains to be seen how this powerful group of mutants will make their way to the MCU, the studio’s president, Kevin Feige, seemingly hints that the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine will introduce the MCU’s X-Men.

In the same interview with EW, Feige was asked about their planned X-Men reboot. But instead of giving an update, the Marvel boss refused to answer and talked about Deadpool & Wolverine instead. He even hinted that it would all start when the movie finally hit the big screen.

“July 26 is really when it all starts when Deadpool & Wolverine comes out,” he said.

Feige didn’t explain this statement further, but it seemed to suggest that the story of the X-Men reboot would start in the threequel. Hence, the titular characters’ adventure in the Multiverse may be connected to the birth of the mutants in the MCU. Though it remains to be seen how this will happen, it may lay the foundation for the X-Men joining the Multiverse Saga.


How will Deadpool & Wolverine introduce the X-Men to the MCU?

Wolverine’s (Hugh Jackman) lead role in Deadpool & Wolverine is the biggest and most obvious entrance of the mutants in the MCU. But he’s not the only mutant who will appear in the threequel. Its star-studded cast includes several X-Men actors like Aaron Stanford, who will reprise his role as Pyro after almost two decades following his last appearance in Brett Ratner’s 2006 X-Men: The Last Stand, and Tyler Mane, who will be once again seen as Sabretooth after Bryan Singer’s 2000 X-Men.

That said, Deadpool & Wolverine has a lot to unpack in its over two-hour runtime. It will not only see the return of Wolverine after his supposed death in James Mangold’s 2017 Logan, but it will also connect Fox’s X-Men timelines with the MCU. While it happens, it may introduce the MCU’s X-Gene and the birth of the multiverse’s mutantkind.

The movie’s plot reveals that Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) will go on a mission to save the Sacred Timeline, which may involve retconning. The TVA agent Paradox (Matthew Macfadyen) may ask Deadpool to change some of the events in the X-Men and MCU timelines, allowing the characters of the two universes to travel between the timelines.

If this happens, it may pave the way for the X-Gene to be brought to the MCU’s Earth-616. However, with Deadpool’s volatile behavior, it’s also possible that he may disobey the TVA and escape to the MCU timeline with Wolverine and other mutants who can identify the X-Gene in Earth-616. As these are only mere theories, fans are advised to take them with a grain of salt.


Deadpool & Wolverine Preview Gives a New Look at the Returning X-Men Villain

Sure, Deadpool & Wolverine will end Fox’s X-Men universe, but it will also open the door for the mutants to join the MCU. Whatever the case, Deadpool & Wolverine will surely feature a link between Fox’s X-Men and the MCU. This may explain the sudden appearance of the mutants in the multiverse, which fans must see when Deadpool & Wolverine’s scheduled release on July 26 finally comes.

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