Arcane Season 2 Teaser Shows Vi Reuniting with a Surprising Ally
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Arcane Season 2 Teaser Shows Vi Reuniting with a Surprising Ally

Vi will soon return, reunite with an unlikely ally and join a surprising group in Arcane Season 2.

Arcane Season 2 Credit: Netflix

Netflix has released its slate of new animated movies and series coming this 2024 and beyond as part of its Next on Netflix Animation presentation. Of course, this includes the much-awaited return of the estranged sisters Jinx and Vi in Arcane Season 2. The streamer gives a quick glimpse of these two in a new teaser, showing Vi reunited with a surprising ally, Caitlyn.

You can watch the Arcane Season 2 preview below:

The teaser was first released as part of the Next on Netflix Animation montage video and was later posted on the show’s official X account. It starts with Vi gearing up in her new costume as she reveals, “We’ve got a few surprises of our own.”

True enough, fans are surprised to see Vi with Caitlyn and three new Wardens, which seem to include Marcus’ grown-up daughter, Ren. Though the teaser only runs for 12 seconds, it’s enough to hint that Jinx will be part of the Piltover Enforcers, known as the city’s technologically advanced police force, which Caitlyn was already a part of in the first season.

Arcane Season 2 Credit: Netflix


The Surprising Reunion of Vi and Caitlyn in Arcane Season 2

Vi and Caitlyn’s reunion in the Arcane Season 2 teaser is a big surprise to many, not to mention that she’s now part of the Enforcers. Fans saw Vi turned away from Caitlyn and the council in the first season after they refused to stop Silco’s Shimmer factories. This refusal led to the deaths of many people and Caitlyn and Vi being kidnapped by Jinx and Silco.

The kidnapping even led to the emotional death of Silco after Jinx offered a gun to her sister. Instead of choosing between Caitlyn and Jinx, Vi ended up shooting Silco. Reeling from Silco’s demise, Jinx started to embrace her new identity.

However, it looks like Vi has a reason as to why she joins the Enforcers. She may want to lead the capture of her sister to ensure that she will not be harmed after Jinx shoots a rocket at the Piltover council while approving Zaun’s independence. Despite everything that has happened between the two, she may still hope to save Jinx.


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Fans are advised to take this assumption with a grain of salt, as nothing is confirmed yet. Vi may have another reason for reuniting with Caitlyn and joining the Enforcers. Whatever that reason is, it’s probably for the greater good.

Arcane Season 2 is set to release in November on Netflix.

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