2PM's Taecyeon & Isomura Hayato to Star in Netflix Japanese Series 'Soul Mate'
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2PM's Taecyeon & Isomura Hayato to Star in Netflix Japanese Series 'Soul Mate'

Soul Mate is about to tell a BL story of two young men from different cultures and backgrounds, played by Taecyeon and Isomura Hayato.

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Netflix’s K-drama content is on a roll this 2024, and it looks like the streamer is just starting. As it also eyes to expand its Japanese content, the streamer has officially announced a new drama series, Soul Mate, featuring 2PM’s Taecyeon and Japanese actor Isomura Hayato in the lead. These two will tell a decade-long love story of two young men after a chance encounter.

In Soul Mate, Isomura plays Ryu Narutaki, who leaves everything behind in Japan and is saved by the boxer Johan Hwang (Taecyeon) in a foreign land. Traversing the cities of Berlin, Seoul, and Tokyo, the series will reveal the leads’ romantic connection as they realize the true meaning of love and life.

Written and created by up-and-coming creator Shunki Hashizume (Scroll, More Than Words), the idea for the show started with a conversation over coffee with executive producer Dai Ota. The talk resulted in creating an “ultimate destiny story,” in which two people from different cultures and backgrounds meet in a foreign land and their lives start to intersect.

“The story, filled with life’s joys and pains, combined with the exceptional performances from Isomura and Taec-yeon, will warm the hearts of viewers,” Ota said via Netflix news.

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Ok Taec-yeon and Isomura Hayato Talk About Netflix’s Soul Mate

Talking about Soul Mate, Isomura (Extremely Inappropriate!, (Ab)normal Desire, The Moon) shares his excitement about playing Ryu. The 31-year-old star revealed the series’ story moved him after reading the script, which explores love amid sadness and pain. But if there’s one thing that drives him into this project more, it’s his character and Johan’s love story that spans a decade.

“Working with Taecyeon has been inspiring; his charm draws me in more each day,” he added. “Filming in Japan, Korea, and Germany gives the project a truly global feel.”

Alternatively, Taecyeon (Vincenzo, La Grande Maison Paris) sees the show as a great chance to broaden his horizons and explore new characters. The story of Johan has intrigued him, and his “inner struggles and pain” have even stuck with him ever since he read the script.

The K-pop star also reveals his preparations for his role. As a boxer, Taecyon has started losing weight and undergoes boxing training. He has also continued his training during filming to portray the role effectively.

In addition, Hashizume talked about the making of Soul Mate and couldn’t help but marvel at the connection that bonded the production team together. Though he found it hard to bring everything together, from the story to the cast and crew, it was still “blissful.”

“Everyone involved in this project is a soulmate,” he added.

Taecyeon Credit: taecyeonokay/Instagram

What is Netflix’s Soul Mate about?

Soul Mate will see Ryu and Johan heal and comfort each other after facing different struggles in life. After unintentionally ruining his best friend’s life, Ryu has left Japan and wandered abroad. He almost lost his life in a different country, but Johan has saved him. This starts to form a connection between the two lonely souls. This once-in-a-lifetime encounter makes them want to live together, but they will face a brutal fate.

You can read the Soul Mate synopsis below:

Destiny works in mysterious ways, and a chance encounter may just mark the beginning of a love story. The live-action drama series Soul Mate , starring Hayato Isomura and Ok Taec-yeon, explores this profound journey of souls connecting and enduring over the years despite the distance. Written and directed by up-and-coming creator Shunki Hashizume, this series is a heartfelt depiction of love and its complexities, including joy, pain, and unexplainable deep bonds.

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With several great K-drama titles on Netflix today, the addition of Soul Mate may be another success for the streamer. Its promising story and with Taec-yeon and Isomura in the lead, this will surely catch the viewers’ interest.

Soul Mate is currently in production and is set to release on Netflix in 2025.

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