Yoshihiro Togashi Will Reportedly Reveal Hunter x Hunter Ending in Case of His Death

The mangaka reportedly has four possible Hunter x Hunter endings!

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Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator of Hunter x Hunter, recently disclosed insights into the possible endings for his iconic manga series. Struggling with health issues, Togashi has taken a gradual approach to the series, resulting in inconsistent release schedules and concerns about his well-being. To make up for this, Togashi has decided to reveal the manga's ending in case of his untimely demise!

In an online interview with TV Asahi's Iwakura and Yoshizumi Show, Togashi revealed that he has contemplated three potential endings for the series, but intriguingly, he discarded a fourth ending, asking fans to consider it canon in case of his untimely demise (via X). Although the episode will not air until November 21st, it has since been leaked and the details of Togashi's interview have been revealed.

The first three endings remain shrouded in mystery, with Togashi providing limited details. He anticipates varied reactions from readers, with the first ending likely to have a 50% satisfaction rate and a 20% dissatisfaction rate. The second ending would evenly split reader reactions, and the third, perhaps Togashi's personal favorite, is projected to have a 10% satisfaction rate and a 90% dissatisfaction rate. Togashi aims to choose an ending that resonates with him and satisfies fans, rather than conforming to expectations.

Yoshihiro Togashi Shares Discarded Hunter x Hunter Ending

The discarded fourth ending offers a glimpse into a unique narrative centered on Jin, Gon's granddaughter. In this scenario, Jin seeks to catch the elusive "Lake Lord," the same fish that marked Gon's initial adventure. Unlike Gon, Jin's motivation stems from familial pressures to become a Hunter. The story explores themes of duty and family, showcasing the generational impact of the protagonists. Gon, now a renowned Hunter, is married to Noko, who grew up alongside him. The series concludes with a bird flying over diverse locations, introducing new characters, potentially descendants of the original protagonists.

While the revelation of a discarded ending may raise concerns about the way Hunter x Hunter will conclude, Togashi pointed out that it will guarantee that fans will get a canon ending in the event of his passing. Togashi has not selected a definitive ending from the three remaining options, emphasizing the importance of choosing an ending that aligns with his creative vision.


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Hunter x Hunter centers around Gon Freecss, a young boy who learns that his absentee father is a globally acclaimed Hunter. In this captivating world, Hunters possess licenses for diverse fantastical endeavors, including locating rare creatures, treasure hunting, exploring uncharted territories, and pursuing outlaws. Motivated by the desire to reunite with his father, Gon embarks on a quest to become a Hunter himself.

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