X-Men Producer Explains How Marvel Can Nail The Upcoming MCU Reboot
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X-Men Producer Explains How Marvel Can Nail The Upcoming MCU Reboot

X-Men producer Simon Kinberg offers his advice to Marvel Studios regarding a potential MCU reboot of the franchise.

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Kevin Feige, the chief of Marvel Studios, announced in 2019 that an X-Men project is planned to come out in the future. Moreover, recent news regarding the topic suggests that it is finally in the works, creating excitement among fans.

Although we don’t know a lot of details about the project yet, mutant characters have already started to appear in the MCU, which is a good sign. It is also expected that Marvel will develop more on this topic with the release of Deadpool 3, which will revisit Fox’s X-Men franchise.

Simon Kinberg Offers His Advice On The X-Men Reboot

This news about an X-Men project also piqued the interest of Simon Kinberg, who has written and produced many of Fox’s previous X-Men films. He also offered some advice on how MCU could approach the topic, which could be incredibly helpful given his experience with the characters.

In his advice, Kinberg highlighted the importance of choosing the right characters to appear in the MCU’s X-Men movie. This will help choose the best actors to cast for those characters, which will, in turn, help create a good movie. He said:

If I had one piece of advice, honestly, it is a very cliché thing, but it just is true: The strength of the 'X-Men' is the characters. As much as there's great storytelling and great plot and incredible action sequences and all of those things are going to be required of the movies, as they are in the comics, what sets, for me, the ' X-Men ' apart is that they are the richest collection of characters in any comic book ever... So it's really about the characters that will get you the best actors. Those actors will bring those characters to life in a whole new way that honestly I cannot wait to see. I really am such a fan of what Marvel does and I'm obviously a massive, massive fan of the ' X-Men .' Like the 'Star Wars' movies. I read two comics when I was growing up religiously. I read others, but the religious ones were for me, ' Batman ' and ' X-Men .'

Everything We Know About MCU’s X-Men Reboot

Kevin Feige teased the possibility of an X-Men movie in the MCU after Disney acquired 20th Century Fox in 2019. The project hasn’t received an official release date from the studios yet, but since mutants have already been added to MCU in phases four and five, it is highly likely that a mutants project will start development soon. We also found out through Deadline in September 2023 that Marvel would be hearing writing pitches for an X-Men reboot.

X-Men MCU Release Date

We currently don't have an official release date for Marvel's X-Men project. However, with how many movies there are lined up in the MCU's near future, it is likely that this movie won't come out before Phase 7, which will be near the end of 2026.


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A reboot of the beloved X-Men franchise sounds fantastic, and hopefully, Marvel Studios can take the advice of Simon Kinberg and create the best X-Men movie possible. We will likely receive an update on the topic after the release of Deadpool 3, so fans should keep an eye out.

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