The Influencer Teaser Features South Korea's Top Social Media Personalities
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The Influencer Teaser Features South Korea's Top Social Media Personalities

For the first time, South Korean social media personalities will come together to be the most influential personality in the country in Netflix's The Influencer.

The Influencer Credit: Netflix

After the success of Korean unscripted series like Physical: 100, Single’s Inferno, and The Devil’s Plan, Netflix is about to stun viewers again with its new social survival show, The Influencer. The streamer has dropped the reality series’ official teaser, featuring South Korea’s top social media personalities as they vie to be the country’s most influential personality.

You can watch The Influencer teaser below:


The Influencer preview begins by showing its interactive set, from its highly advanced stage to a room full of money. It then shows images of the 77 South Korean influencers wearing neckbands that reveal the number of their followers, reminiscent of the collars the players used in Alice in Borderland.

From there, the participants grace the stage one by one, from the Korean makeup icon and YouTuber Risabae to travel content creator Pani Bottle to filmmaker and YouTuber Jin Yong-jin. It also includes the famous TikToker Xiajiu, who boasts a whopping 27.5 million followers, Jang Geun-seok, Shim Euddeum, and Daedo Library.

However, not everything here will be fun and games. One of the influencers is seen shaving her eyebrows, and another is crying as someone describes the series as “brutal.” As they are set to compete against each other, a man brags that he has earned more than anyone in the show. The teaser also gives a glimpse of the challenges that await as they dance individually and in groups.


The Influencer Credit: Netflix

Producer Lee Jae-seok Talks About The Influencer

The show’s producer, Lee Jae-seok, talks about The Influencer and the idea of featuring several South Korean influencers. It all started when he realized that gathering all these social media personalities in one show would be interesting.

“I thought it would be interesting to gather influencers, divided by algorithms, in one place,” he said.

So, for the first time, viewers are about to see the top influencers in the country battling it all out to attain social media superiority. That said, Jae-seok promises viewers will “experience unique entertainment” and witness groundbreaking challenges.

“You’ll see the top influencers in Korea and experience unique entertainment through the large scale and visuals that only Netflix can deliver, along with never-before-seen social survival missions,” he continued.

What is The Influencer about?

The Influencer will feature the 77 influencers in South Korea. These personalities have a combined total of 120 million flowers across platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and AfreecaTV. From the first-generation creators to the Gen Z Tiktokers, who have solid global fanbases, they will be in an intense battle to prove who has the greatest influence in the country.

You can read The Influencer synopsis below:

South Korean influencers compete with one another in this unscripted social survival series to determine who has the most influence over social media.


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The Influencer will give fans a chance to see their favorite South Korean influencers behind social media. With their intense reactions to the challenges that await, viewers are about to see who’s real and who’s only after a big following.

The Influencers is set to hit Netflix on August 6.

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