Sweet Home Season 3 BTS Photos Tease Lee Si-young's Return
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Sweet Home Season 3 BTS Photos Tease Lee Si-young's Return

As everyone thought that Lee Si-young’s Seo Yi-Kyung died in the previous season, she will return to fight Song Kang's Cha Hyun-su in Sweet Home Season 3.

Sweet Home Season 3 Credit: Netflix

The final battle of humans, neohumans, and monsters will finally begin in Sweet Home Season 3 in a couple of weeks. Sure, it’s quite expected to see Song Kang’s Cha Hyun-su facing Lee Jin-wook’s Pyeon Sang-wook to stop his evil plans of creating neohumans, but it looks like it won’t only be the intense battle fans are about to see. Netflix has released new behind-the-scenes photos of the apocalyptic K-drama’s last and final season and teases the return of Lee Si-young’s Seo Yi-Kyung after her supposed death in the previous season.

The new Sweet Home Season 3 set photos give fans a glimpse of the cast’s emotions as they play their respective roles for the last time. The images perfectly capture the intense action and drama as the cast faces their final journeys and battles. It starts with Song Kang, wearing a formal suit, looking straight at the camera before him, and trying to convey his feelings to the audience.

Jin-wook sits on the ground and looks exhausted while smoke emerges in the background. Song Kang faces the monster version of Si-young again as the latter tries to choke him after their face-off in the previous season. By the looks of it, Go Min-si is watching them from a distance. Min-si also has her solo photo, in which she seems to be trying to escape a monster by climbing a scaffolding. As the third season will see Lee Do-hyun’s return, he seems to be in deep thought while in the middle of an abandoned room.

Jinyoung looks ready to fight while holding a weapon in the middle of a foggy night. Yoo Oh-sung is back in his office at the stadium and seemingly talking to one of the survivors. In the last photo, Kim Mu-yeol appears bloody, with lacerations on his chest, while being surrounded by the show’s crew.

You can see the Sweet Home Season 3 BTS photos below:


What happened to Seo Yi-Kyung in Sweet Home Season 2?

Yi-kyung nearly died in Sweet Home Season 2 after being caught up in a fire and breathing a lot of smoke. Her daughter, Ah Yi (Kim Shi-ah), set the boat on fire, and though she had a chance to escape, she didn’t do so. Hyung-su saved Yi-kyung and had Ah Yi see her mom for the last time. However, with her ability to turn humans into monsters by touching them, she tried to save her mother and eventually turned her into a monster.

Sadly, Yi-Kyung had no control over the monster within her. A fight between Yi-kyung and Hyun-su ensued, and he saw in his vision that Yi-kyung was struggling. Left with no choice, Hyun-su killed Yi-Kyung by throwing her into a sinkhole. But as her death wasn’t confirmed, the BTS images tease her return in Sweet Home Season 3.


What is Sweet Home Season 3 about?

Sweet Home Season 3 will see the ultimate showdown of monsters, humans, and neohumans as monsterization ends. However, human survival is in great danger with the rise of a new humanity composed of neohumans. People will continuously face different choices as the world still reels on the boundary between humans and monsters.

You can read the Sweet Home Season 3 synopsis below:

In a world where monsterization has ended and a new humanity has begun, people desperately struggling to survive face difficult choices as the world teeters on the boundary between monsters and humans.


Sweet Home Season 3 Trailer Features Song Kang & Lee Do-hyun's Intense Fight


As the final battle will soon begin, Sweet Home Season 3 promises to deliver great action like no other. With Song Kang’s upcoming fight against Si-young, Jin-wook, and Do-yun, fans must see who will prevail.

Sweet Home Season 3 is set to release on Netflix on Friday, July 19.

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