Star Wars: Hunters Launch Trailer Features The Game's Unique Characters
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Star Wars: Hunters Launch Trailer Features The Game's Unique Characters

Star Wars: Hunters is officially out for the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices!

Star Wars: Hunters Credit: Zynga / Lucasfilm Games

Zynga's free-to-play 4v4 arena shooter, Star Wars: Hunters, has officially launched on the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices earlier today, featuring multiplayer battles in the planet of Vespaara, where high-intensity, high-stakes battles take place in "The Arena," which features backgrounds that "evoke iconic Star Wars worlds," according to the developer. The squad-based game initially soft-launched in select markets in 2021 before being delayed twice; now, Star Wars fans can finally join the fun, fast-paced competitions.

Don't expect to see iconic characters from the Star Wars movies and TV shows in this game; instead Star Wars: Hunters features an original lineup that fit into various character types such as Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunters, and Droids. To celebrate the launch of Star Wars: Hunters, Zynga and Lucasfilm Games have released a new trailer that focuses on the game's lineup of playable characters.

Star Wars: Hunters is set after the events of the Galactic Civil War, and battles between these Hunters are being broadcast as entertainment throughout the galaxy. Zynga VP Sam Cooper talked about the characters of the game in the press release:

We are thrilled to finally welcome fans across the globe to Vespaara and introduce them to our incredible lineup of Hunters. Matches in our game are easy to hop into, but hard to master. We can't wait to see the action as players duke it out in the Arena. Good luck, the galaxy is watching!

In the game, players squad-up in teams of four, battling down enemy teams in third-person combat. Each player can choose from a range of different types of Hunters, which can be further customize to suit various playstyles. There are three Overwatch-inspired main classes: Damage, Support, and Tank. The game currently has 13 Hunters players can select, including a one-of-a-kind droid called J-3D1, the Wookiee warrior Grozz, a Stormtrooper named Sentinel, Rieve the dark-side warrior, and deceptively cute pair of Jawa scrappers collectively known as Utooni, and more.

What are the game modes of Star Wars: Hunters?

  1. Squad Brawl: The first team to reach 20 eliminations wins

  2. Dynamic Control: Teams compete to capture rotating Control Points.

  3. Power Control: Squads fight to maintain control of the most Control Points on the battlefield.

  4. Trophy Chase: Two teams aim to hold the Trophy Droid (who is named TR0-F33, naturally). The first Squad to reach 100% wins the match.


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For more details about Star Wars: Hunters, check out the game's official website.

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