Star Wars: Ahsoka BTS Footage Shows How Lucasfilm Brings T-6 Shuttle into Live-Action
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Star Wars: Ahsoka BTS Footage Shows How Lucasfilm Brings T-6 Shuttle into Live-Action

Despite undergoing a complex process, Lucasfilm featured a fully functioning T-6 shuttle in Star Wars: Ahsoka.

Star Wars: Ahsoka BTS Footage Shows How Lucasfilm Brings T-6 Shuttle into Live-Action Credit: Lucasfilm / Disney+

Star Wars: Ashoka brought several Star Wars Rebels characters to life, like Ahsoka Tano herself, Sabine Wren, Ezra Bridger, and Hera Syndulla. But aside from introducing them to live-action, the show also featured Tano’s T-6 shuttle. First seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, behind-the-scenes footage shows how Lucasfilm brought this classic starship to life in live-action.

Adam Savage, best known for being the former co-host of MythBusters, explained how Tano’s Jedi shuttle filming model was made on his YouTube channel, Adam Savage’s Tested. He visited Lucasfilm’s motion control room when Ahsoka was still in production and learned how the starship was created for the Disney+ series.

According to him, the team behind the show used a CGI model of the T-6 shuttle and an augmented, motion-controlled figure to make it look real. Though it took modelmaker John Goodson and machinist Dan Patrascu four months to build the 30-inch starship, they managed to give it a fully functioning mechanized rotating wing. Of course, to complete its design, it’s also equipped with lights.

What is the T-6 shuttle in Star Wars?

The T-6 shuttle, also called the Jedi T-6 shuttle or T-6 Jedi shuttle, was the starship the Jedi Order used to transport. It was most used during the Clone Wars, though it was also the shuttle Tano used in Ahsoka. She was first seen boarding it after the destruction of the Felucia medical station, taking it to the planet with Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

She once again used it with Jedi Plo Kloon to travel to Florrum to search for the bounty hunters Boba Fett, Aurra Sing, and Bossk in The Clone Wars. In Ahsoka, she flew this starship to Lothal and picked Sabine up to start their search for Ezra after the attack on the Vesper.

Star Wars: T-6 shuttle Credit: Lucasfilm / Disney


Will there be Star Wars: Ahsoka Season 2?

Lucasfilm finally confirmed there would be Ahsoka Season 2 while announcing a new Star Wars film, The Mandalorian & Grogu, in January 2024. Of course, this excites fans, as the franchise was dead silent about the show’s renewal several months after its release in 2023.

So, when the new season begins, it’s expected to continue Grand Admiral Thrawn’s story and his move to conquer the New Republic and bring the Empire back. A huge part may also occur in Peridea after the first season introduces this new galaxy, where Ahsoka and Sabine get stuck. Also, the mysterious individual who called Baylan, which is why he left Shin Hati behind, may finally be revealed.

There are theories that it’s probably Abeloth, and it’s perhaps why Baylan stood on a statue of the Father from Mortis. If Ahsoka Season 2 introduces the Beloved Queen of the Stars, Ahsoka and Sabine may join forces with Shin Hati to save Baylan, which may form an unlikely alliance between the four to face an extremely powerful Force entity.


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So far, there are no words on when Ahsoka Season 2 will be released. However, fans can expect another set of stunning visuals when the show continues. The making of the T-6 shuttle proves Lucasfilm’s great dedication to its shows.

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