Netflix’s One Piece Star Taz Skylar Reveals How He Prepares for Season 2

Netflix’s One Piece Star Taz Skylar Reveals How He Prepares for Season 2

Taz Skylar reveals the rigorous training he's continuously doing for One Piece Season 2.

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All eyes are now on One Piece Season 2 after the success of Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s manga. As the series gears up for its return, the cast prepares to continue their journey to the Grand Line. Of course, the Straw Hat Pirates will never be complete without the fan-favorite cook, Sanji. So, as a preparation for his grand return, Taz Skylar reveals how he gets ready for his role and what viewers will see in the second season.

In an interview with Skylar at the 12th Middle East Film and Comic Con (MEFCC), he told Esquire Middle East how he prepared for his role as Sanji in the first season of One Piece. As fans already know the Spanish-British actor, who’s also a screenwriter, did all his stunts. He then admitted to going “psychopathic” on it and threw everything he could to perfectly bring the character of the Straw Hat cook to life.

He then revealed that he did four hours of training in the morning, cooked a meal needed for the show, and repeated the dish several times to perfect it. For another four hours, he would go to the sauna and stretch, letting his legs pulled and his back pushed. But though it made him improve, it also took its toll on him.

He explained:

That made me improve really quick but what it also did was decimate my legs. I have scar tissue on the inside of my ligaments, and it took me about a year to feel like I could land on my legs without pain – I used to duct-tape my legs! I had to be quiet about it so they’d let me do my own stunts.

Skylar knows that the pain he has experienced has helped him progress. Thankfully, he has maintained his strength and ability after continuously training. However, that doesn’t stop him from incessantly preparing for One Piece Season 2.

“I trained this morning with Iñaki at the UFC gym [in Abu Dhabi]!” he continued. “Iñaki came with me to a kickboxing session, and he’s gotten so good at tricking in between the seasons, too!”

Netflix’s One Piece Credit: Netflix

How does Taz Skylar prepare for One Piece Season 2?

After learning Sanji's kicks and moves in the first season, Skylar revealed that he wants to be quicker in One Piece Season 2. For him, it’s about how he can make his movements richer. So, instead of training for eight hours like in the first season, he will decrease it to four and focus on choreography.

“Or maybe today I’m just going to do two and then stretch because the less injured everything is, the quicker everything moves,” he added.

That said, he wants to enjoy the second season more and improve what they had. But if there’s one thing Skywalker really wants to do, it is the party table kick!


What to Expect from Netflix’s One Piece Season 2

Netflix may adapt the manga’s second saga, Arabasta Saga, for One Piece Season 2. Luffy and the Straw Hats will make their way to Loguetown for resupply after leaving East Blue. After arriving in the town, they will meet its captain, Smoker, who has been teased as the new season’s antagonist in the first season finale end credits.

As part of the second saga, the new season may also explore the Drum Island Arc, where Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats are about to meet Tony Tony Chopper. During the second-season renewal announcement, Oda-san revealed that the group needed a doctor and started drawing an image of Chopper.

The Straw Hats will travel to Drum Island to look for a doctor after Nami catches a mysterious disease. There, they will meet a talking reindeer, who will eventually become one of the crew’s members.


Netflix’s One Piece Season 2 Production Teased by Sanji Actor Taz Skylar

Netflix has yet to announce when One Piece Season 2 will be released, but the new season is now in the works. So, it may only take time before the pirates conquer the small screen again, and fans are now waiting for that to happen.

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