GTA 6 Cars Potentially Revealed In Recent GTA Online Update

GTA 6 Cars Potentially Revealed In Recent Grand Theft Auto Online Update

GTA 6 fans are busy speculating that the latest GTA Online update might have given us a look at the upcoming game’s cars!

The Übermacht Niobe in the Bottom Dollar Bounties update Credit: Rockstar Games

Months after the game’s announcement, GTA 6 fans are still busy trying to find hints at what the upcoming game might hold. While Rockstar Games did reveal a trailer nearly six months ago, it just wasn’t enough to quench the fans’ thirst to learn more about the game. However, the latest GTA Online update might have given them a good look at what the GTA 6 cars will possibly look like.

The Bottom Dollar Bounties update came out on June 25 and introduced 21 new vehicles, including one particular car that has caught the eye of many. The Übermacht Niobe is a coupe that consists of two doors that was featured in the most recent GTA Online update. Reddit user BoxAfterDark claims the developer is bringing new cars from the upcoming game.

Compared to other GTA Online cars, the Niobe has “a super detailed interior, new chimes, a new engine sound.” Moreover, the user claims that the “small details on the exterior such as the engine bay and wipers are far more detailed than your usual cars.” From the looks of it, the fans seem to like the idea of GTA Online setting the vehicle list for Grand Theft Auto 6.

The Übermacht Niobe Credit: Rockstar Games

Many fans found this exciting and began to chime in their thoughts as well on the post, with one saying, “I do think all the new GTA Online cars are sneak peaks at GTA 6 cars.” Another fan said, “The models aren't "backported", they're made for Online and then upgraded for 6. It would be harder to make a super advanced model and then downgrade it.” Let's wait and see what the developers have in store for the fans!

Has GTA 6 been delayed?

GTA 6’s release date, although not officially confirmed, has been the target of many fan speculations, with some even citing official company events as their source. Everyone wants the game to be released soon, but fans also understand that it’s better that Rockstar Games take their time on this project rather than release a lower-quality build.

We received some unofficial confirmation about the release date in the form of Take-Two Interactive’s final quarterly earnings call for the 2024 fiscal year. The company is expecting a significant increase in their earnings in “fall 2025”, which can be connected to the release of GTA 6 on the next-gen consoles. The PC release is expected to be sometime in the subsequent year. Although there have been some delay rumors going around, nothing has been confirmed.


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Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two, also said in an interview that he’s confident in a fall 2025 release date, so we can rest assured that the company's working hard to meet their deadline. In the meantime, let’s just sit back and pick up on the hints that Rockstar possibly keeps dropping.

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