Fortnite Might Finally Be Returning To iPhone After A Long Time

Fortnite Might Finally Be Returning To iPhone After A Long Time

Fortnite might just be making its way back to your iPhones after a long time of waiting, but only for people living in the EU!

Fortnite Reload Credit: Epic Games

From the looks of it, Fortnite might very well be on its way back to your iPhones, allowing you to play the game easily without any trouble. If you are one of the patient fans who have been waiting for a long time for this day, then you might just be in luck. However, this luck only exists for those residing in the EU, but worry not, for this is a step in the right direction.

In an X post on the Epic Games Newsroom account, the developer revealed that a Fortnite build was recently submitted to the makers of the iPhone, i.e., Apple. Now, they’re waiting for the company to approve the game on their EU App Store. As per the post, Epic Games is planning to launch Fortnite on iPhone in the upcoming couple of months.

The battle royale game was taken off the App Store back in 2020 as a result of a dispute that took place between Epic Games and Apple over the platform fees, setting off a big lawsuit between the two companies. However, the developer hasn’t said anything about an iPad launch. Moreover, Epic Games has also shown interest in introducing its game to some other mobile app stores, saying that they want to talk to all stores “that offer great terms to all developers.”

Epic Games Plans On Launching Their Own App Store

Epic Games also submitted their Epic Games Store for players to use on iOS, allowing them to sell their games directly to Apple users instead of going through Apple first. Cloud streaming apps weren't allowed on Apple's App Store until recently, mostly because the company wasn’t able to audit them for adequate labelling and age ratings.


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While cloud streaming and a brand-new games marketplace are two different things, the Epic Games Store also poses the same problem and allows Epic Games to receive more income from its games, which would otherwise be taken by Apple. This is something that Apple hasn’t been a fan of since the start because it would prohibit them from charging their usual 30% from all developers. Having their own game store can be beneficial to both the developers and the consumers of those games. In this way, the game developers get more money, and the players get more freedom.

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