Fortnite Creative Receives a New Creative Map and Tournament From Whataburger

Fortnite Creative Receives a New Creative Map and Tournament From Whataburger

Whataburger is releasing its own BedWars map along with a tournament with a grand prize of $25,000!

Whataburger Introduces New Map & Tournament To Fortnite Credit: Whataburger, Click / Epic Games

Seeing the rise of Fortnite, many companies and organizations have started using it as a platform to advertise themselves to the younger generation. This is most commonly done by investing in fun Creative 2.0 maps that attract players. These maps are made from a fun game concept that is usually combined with the company’s own twist.

Companies like Target, Heinz, and even Dude Perfect have made their own Fortnite maps in the past, and Whataburger seems to be the latest addition to the roster. The company announced earlier today that it will be releasing its own Fortnite Bedwars map and, after that, will hold its own “Breakfast in Bedwars” tournament.

The map will be released today, and the elimination qualifiers will begin on July 17. The four teams that qualify will go on to participate in the main event on July 22. There’s also a good prize pool in this tournament. The entire tournament has a $25,000 total prize pool, out of which $10,000 will go to the winning team.

The map itself is based on the popular Bedwars game mode, which, if you don’t know, requires you to destroy the other players’ beds to stop them from respawning. Since the map is being developed by Whataburger, it is also themed entirely around them, with even the beds being small Whataburger restaurants. It is created by the company's collaboration with efuse, erena, Click Media Group and McGarrah Jessee.

In an interview with Gamesbeat, McGarrah Jessee's creative director, Michael Anderson, said, “The Whataburger + Fortnite collaboration came together naturally for us. First of all, Whataburger fans are like no other, and it turns out a lot of them are also gamers who love Fortnite. The McGarrah Jessee team knew early in the process that we wanted to give our fans a little extra, by authentically contributing to the gaming community, as opposed to just serving ads within beloved games.”

As we mentioned earlier, many companies have started turning to Fortnite to advertise their brand and to reach a new audience. Click media CEO also commented on it, saying, “With the introduction of the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), brands can now create custom, immersive experiences that are authentic to both their brand and to gamers. Brand integration possibilities go far beyond the current surface level integrations that is possible in most other mediums … . Whataburger’s iconic and vibrant branding pair really well with the light and fun vibes of Fortnite.”

Whataburger's Breakfast in Bedwars Map Poster Credit: Whataburger and Click

Along with their Fortnite map, Whataburger is also bringing their own mascot back called Whataguy. Currently, he's not always seen in relation to Whataburger's restaurants, but according to the company, he's ambassador for their community support program, Whataburger Feeding Student Success. In the Fortnite map, he appears as an NPC who can provide players with a key to his vault full of weapons and upgrades. This is of course for players who can find him first.

Alcorn and Grubbs commented on Whataguy's return, saying, “We are obviously team Whataguy here, and he’s been popping up at events and openings IRL recently, but we knew long time Whataburger fans would be excited to see him dancing around our Breakfast in Bedwars map and tournament. There may not be a deep thought behind those beautiful, big eyes, but there may just be a key that will give your team access to a vault full of all the weapons and upgrades you need to win!”

What is the best Bedwars map in Fortnite?

Fortnite Bedwars Credit: Epic Games

There are many good Bedwars maps that exist in Fortnite. Especially since the addition of Creative 2.0, map-makers have been putting out some high quality maps, making it difficult to choose one map as the best. One map that is often seen in the recommended Fortnite maps is theboydilly’s Bed Wars map. It puts players into teams of three with the sole target of destroying the other teams’ beds.


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You can also upgrade your own base with Diamonds. You can check it out in Fortnite (Island Code: 7048-8422-2298) and see if you like how it works! And if you’re good at Bed Wars, then do make sure to participate in Whataburger’s tournament to have a chance of winning the grand prize!

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