Fortnite Introduces Major Gameplay Changes To Ranked During Its Summer Event

Fortnite Introduces Major Gameplay Changes To Ranked During Its Summer Event

Fortnite is planning to introduce major gameplay changes to the ranked game modes during the All Sweat Summer event!

Fortnite's No Sweat Summer screenshot Credit: Epic Games

Epic Games recently introduced the 2024 All Sweat Summer event to Fortnite. Starting July 4th, the devs disabled the Nitro Fists mythic and also removed any traces of vehicles as well as vehicle items. In addition to this, the update also disabled the feature that allowed players to hire NPCs for a short amount of time in Zero Build and Ranked Battle Royale modes.

As it turns out, this was quite a positive change since both the Nitro Fists and the vehicles were proving to be disadvantageous to the Fortnite meta. Therefore, this update might just greatly impact the battle royale’s competitive aspects in a positive manner. Fortnite’s recently added Reload game mode has been getting more attention from players as compared to its regular mode. This simply shows how players have been frustrated with the vehicles in the game.

In case you weren’t aware, Fortnite Reload is set in a small portion of the OG chapter 1 map, and doesn't have any vehicles. In a recent X post, Fortnite announced all the changes that’ll be featured in the event. Epic Games released the All Sweat Summer event as a way to celebrate summer and added a wide range of quests, rewards, and cosmetics to Fortnite.

From the looks of it, the devs are experimenting with a few changes within Fortnite that might juggle the game’s meta. During this event, both vehicles and vehicle items will stay disabled. It’s also worth noting that Boss Cars, the most powerful vehicle containing mods in Fortnite, will also be disabled for the event.

How long will Fortnite’s All Sweat Summer last?

Fortnite's All Sweat Summer Quests Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite’s 2024 summer mode, “All Sweat Summer,” will end on the 18th of July. This means that it will last 14 days, which is the same length of time as a fortnight. During this time, players will be able to complete the in-game quests and challenges to earn rewards. Here’s how many quests you need to complete to earn each reward:

  • 10 Quests: Water Levels Wrap

  • 15 Quest: Summer Sail Shark Glider

  • 20 Quests: Deck Ducky Back Bling


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This update was received really well by players since it not only removed the annoying items from the current season but also added new ways for players to unlock free items. Many players were tired of the Nitro Fists and vehicles meta that was introduced this season, so this is a nice change of pace, with some even asking that Epic make this a permanent feature.

New quests will be revealed regularly that players can complete to progress towards these rewards. So log in regularly and sweat away on Fortnite, especially in the new Reload!

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