Deadpool & Wolverine Leaked Spoilers Prove Several Assumptions True After Fan Screening in China

Deadpool & Wolverine Leaked Spoilers Prove Several Assumptions True After Fan Screening in China

Deadpool and Wolverine's first fan screening was recently held in China, and several spoilers have already made their way online.

Deadpool & Wolverine Credit: Marvel Studios / Disney

Deadpool & Wolverine will finally hit the big screen in a few weeks, and Marvel Studios is set to hold fan screenings worldwide. However, the first took place in Shanghai, China, attended by lead stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, alongside director Shawn Levy, and featured about 36 minutes of the film and a two-minute sizzle reel with footage from the rest. As expected, spoilers have started to leak online and prove several assumptions true, from Hulk and Wolverine’s fight to Lady Deadpool being apparently played by Blake Lively.

Though the fan screening for Deadpool & Wolverine only runs for roughly half an hour, it has received overwhelmingly positive reactions. It’s lauded for its humor, action, musical score, and emotional scenes, with some even claiming it has surpassed the epic scale of Anthony and Joe Russo’s 2019 Avengers: Endgame. And, of course, here are the spoilers.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.


Fans who have seen the fan screening share their experience on the Chinese social media website Weibo. There, they reveal that the opening scene will feature many Wolverine variants, including a zombie version of the X-Man hero. The film is also teased to have a “very violent connection” with James Mangold’s 2017 Logan, though no further details are given.

The threequel also sees several Deadpool variants, including Lady Deadpool. However, amid the rumors that Taylor Swift will play the female version of Merc with a Mouth, it’s said to be like Ryan Reynolds’ wife, Lively, due to the similarities of their voices.

But if there’s one thing that makes fans’ jaws drop, the sneak peek reportedly ends with Wolverine facing Hulk. However, it isn’t revealed which variant of Bruce Banner appears in the film, but this only confirms the assumptions that several industry insiders claim as of late.

Of course, the fans in attendance also confirm the number of cameos the movie will feature, though they don’t reveal who, and several jokes about Fox and Disney. All the scenes in the trailer are also said to be part of its first 40 minutes.

Following the fan screening in China, a Chinese trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine is also released, though it only features the same footage seen in the previous trailers. The next fan screening will be held in Europe, so fans can expect more spoilers to come out soon when it finally takes place.


Deadpool & Wolverine to Reportedly Feature Logan and Hulk’s Fight

Over the weekend, a couple of insiders confirmed that Hulk would be part of Deadpool & Wolverine and have a battle against Logan. Insider HolyField News first made the claim in March 2024, alleging Mark Ruffalo would return to reprise his role in Hulk and would have a fight against the mutants. He recently tweeted again to confirm that the brawl between the two Marvel heroes would happen, though he wasn’t sure if it would be Ruffalo’s Hulk to appear this time.

My Time to Shine Hello also made the same claim, asking his followers not to mind his first tweet when he denied Hulk’s appearance in the threequel after being asked by a fan. “Hulk’s in it,” he tweeted. So, as the early spoilers confirm that Hulk and Wolverine’s fight is about to happen, moviegoers will surely be in for a big treat.


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Marvel Studios is probably aware that these spoilers will make rounds online when fan screenings begin. Hence, new spoiler-filled TV spots and a final trailer may be released to acknowledge these big reveals and maintain the fans’ excitement.

Deadpool & Wolverine is also set to release in China on July 26, the same day it is slated to premiere in North America.

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