Clevatess Manga TV Anime Adaptation Announced With Trailer & Key Visual

Clevatess Manga TV Anime Adaptation Announced With Trailer & Key Visual

Yuji Iwahara’s popular and beloved Clevatess manga will officially receive a TV anime adaptation!

The Clevatess Credit: Kadokawa

The anime adaption of Yuji Iwahara’s Clevatess – Majuu no Ou to Akago to Shikabane no Yuusha- fantasy manga series was officially announced today. This news was revealed alongside a trailer, cast details, teaser visual, and information about the main staff members.

In the trailer, we see Alicia planning a quest to confirm if the Clevatess is indeed threatening her blood. The scene then shifts to show the Clevatess wreaking havoc everywhere it goes and destroying anything that comes in its way. The twelve heroes are later introduced, standing before a giant rock on which stands the evil demon king. Later on in the trailer, we become aware of the fact that Clevatess is on a mission to kill all of the human race.

From the beginning of the trailer to the end, fans were busy sitting on the edge of their seats and biting their nails. It’s both exciting and nerve-racking to meet the Demon King and the twelve heroes like this. You can watch the trailer below:

In the key visual, Alicia can be seen holding a sword and fighting the forces of evil alongside twelve other heroes. In the middle of the poster, Clevatess can be seen in all his might, standing tall and raging against the heroes. Simply by looking at the poster, one is struck with awe and can’t help but get excited about the upcoming anime adaptation of the Clevatess manga. You can see the teaser visual below:

Clevatess Teaser Visual Credit: Kadokawa

Kiyotaka Taguchi (Ultraman Blazar) is directing the anime at Lay-duce, with Keigo Koyanagi (Brave Band Bravern) playing the role of the series composer. In addition to this, Sochiro Sako (Buddy Daddies) will be the character designer, and Nobuaki Nobusawa (Mr. Villain’s Day Off) will be the music composer for the upcoming anime adaptation.

Moving on to the main cast, which features Haruka Shiraishi as Alicia, Yuichi Nakamura as Clevatess, and Mutsumi Tamura as Clen.

What is Clevatess about?

Yuji Iwahara, who is famous for his creations, King of Thorn and Dimension W, published the popular Clevatess manga. It started getting attention on the LINE manga website in August 2020. Since then, it has been brought together in seven volumes. On top of this, Kadokawa has published an exclusive two-volume version.

The Clevatess manga is actually a tale of a Demon king. 13 heroes are after this Demon, and Alicia is also one of them. She has always thrived as a hero, and her bravery speaks for itself. When these fearless heroes try to defeat the King, they end up causing even more trouble for the humans. Now, there is only one way to protect lives, and that is to give birth to a human baby entrusted to Clevatess.

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For more information about Clevatess, check out the official website of the anime.

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