Spy x Family Code: White First Character Teaser Focuses on Loid Forger

Spy x Family Code: White First Character Teaser Focuses on Loid Forger

Spy x Family Code: White may start releasing character teasers as the anime movie's release gets near.

Spy x Family Code: White Credit: ©Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha/SPY×FAMILY Production Committee

Spy x Family Code: White is about to hit the big screen next month. The anime has been releasing trailers and other visuals to prepare fans for what's to come. It has also set its international release window. As the film’s release date is fast approaching, the anime has released its first character teaser, focusing on the Forger family patriarch, Loid. You can check the preview below:

The Spy x Family Code: White teaser begins with Loid getting ready as he’s about to start a new mission. While in disguise, he gets down inside a winery through a rope. Loid’s boss, Sylvia, then appears, looking ethereal, sitting on her office chair while holding a cup of coffee. A glimpse of an afraid-looking Anya and a surprised Yor is then revealed.

In another scene, two unknown individuals capture the struggling Anya. The movie’s main villain takes the screen while holding a sharp knife. As his family and the world have been put in danger, Loid gets into action, with a lot of gun shootings and physical fights. At one point, Loid seems to be having a hard time navigating the ship while his head is bleeding.


What is Spy x Family Code: White about?

A collaboration by two big studios, Wit and CloverWorks, Spy x Family Code: White is directed by Takashi Katigiri. The film tells an original story by the manga’s author, Tatsuya Endo, while the screenplay is by Ichiro Okouchi. Like the manga and anime, the film will see the pretend family of Loid and Yor living double lives as a spy and an assassin, respectively. The two adopted a young girl named Anya, who possesses telepathic ability. Hence, she knows her so-called mom and dad’s secrets.

Anya joins a school competition and is asked by Loid to make Melemele, a traditional sweet from Frigis and the principal’s favorite. So, to advance in the school competition and continue Loid's mission, the Forgers go on a weekend getaway to Frigis to have the authentic taste of Melemele.

However, Yor feels jealous after seeing Loid with a woman, making her think of their pretend relationship. While this is happening, Anya finds a mysterious box that contains chocolate. But while appreciating its beauty, the owner arrives, leaving Anya shocked and accidentally swallowing the sweet. From there, a big problem begins as that piece of chocolate holds a huge secret that threatens world peace.

You can read the synopsis below:

After receiving an order to be replaced in Operation Strix, Loid decides to help Anya win a cooking competition at Eden Academy by making the principal's favorite meal in order to prevent his replacement. The Forgers decide to travel to the meal's origin region, where they set off a chain of actions that could potentially put the world's peace at risk.

Spy × Family Code: White Credit: ©Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha/SPY×FAMILY Production Committee


Spy x Family Code: White Reveals New Cast & Character Designs

Spy × Family Code: White will be released in Japan on December 22, 2023. It will also be released internationally in 2024 and will be available in English and Japanese dubbed with English subtitles in North America and select theaters worldwide. If fans love Endo’s anime and manga, they will love this movie, too.

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