New Fortnite Event Will Reportedly Be Released Soon, According to Leaks

New Fortnite Event Will Reportedly Be Released Soon, According to Leaks

Is there a live event coming to Fortnite? Expect a build-up event for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3!

A new Fortnite mini-event might be coming soon. According to the latest information found through the game's code, it looks like Epic Games is preparing to launch the next mini-event in Fortnite. With Chapter 5 Season 2 approaching its end on May 23, fans have been speculating about what Epic Games is planning for the game's next season. Chapter 5 Season 1 ended with Fortnite's Titan Hand and Earthquake event that encouraged players to help break-open the Pandora's Box. Now, recent rumors and leaks claim that there will be similar build-up event codenamed "SuperSport" for the next season.

As several leakers who have been informed by dataminers claim, the popular battle royale game is planning to do something with the gigantic statue found in Mount Olympus. For instance, ShiinaBR, who has a solid reputation for Fortnite leaks, pointed out that "the statue of Mount Olympus will be raising its arm in the air, which will cause the sword to be surrounded by lightning. The statue will also have glowing eyes and there will be a sandstorm around it!"

FNAssist also pointed out that Mount Olympus has been activated with glowing eyes:

Fortnite is getting ready for Greek event

JorgeMost also shared an image of what appears to be the files that reveal these animation features. The animation leak details how it will raise its right arm high up in the air and point the sword it's wielding towards the sky. This move is said to caught lightning to strike around the blade, and this kind of event is fitting because Mount Olympus is the home of the Greek god NPC Zeus, added in Season 2.

According to @iFireMonkey, all this information has been discovered by decrypting data packets. However, he clarified that none of these details are available in Fortnite yet. All these elaks and rumors alight with the Story Quests of Chapter 5 Season 2. After Zeus was taken down, The Oracle revealed the prophecy of the suffocating dust and clouded sky, about an incoming disaster that's soon approaching. “Storm clouds gather. The Wanderer draws near," said The Oracle.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 live event start date & time

Epic Games hasn't officially revealed the start date and time for the rumored Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 build-up event. However, fans are expecting it to follow last season's pattern and begin during the final days of Chapter 5 Season 2.


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Since nothing has officially been announced by Epic Games, the rumors and leaks mentioned in this article are subject to change, but fans can expect to find out in a few weeks if there will be a build-up event before Chapter 5 Season 3 launches. Stay tuned here on for more updates.

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