My Hero Academia Creator Kohei Horikoshi Dispels Manga Ending Rumors

My Hero Academia Creator Kohei Horikoshi Dispels Manga Ending Rumors

My Hero Academia won't end yet and may still release several chapters before the story officially concludes.

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There have been rumors that My Hero Academia is coming to an end, especially now that the final chapter of the Final War Arc has been released. This arc has seen the final battle between the heroes and the villains, with Deku finally winning against All for One. As many expect it to be the end of the story, creator Kohei Horikoshi dispels the ending rumors, revealing the manga will continue for a while.

My Hero Academia recently released Chapter 424, titled Epilogue, which saw the aftermath of the all-out war. As released on the 27th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, Horikoshi revealed in the author comments section that though this could be the culmination of the hero story, he couldn’t end the manga just after the villains’ defeat. Hence, the manga will continue for a “short while” as it aims to return “to its title.”

“Writing conventions say that the conclusion of a story should be short, but this is not the type of manga that can immediately end after the fighting is done,” he said. “So, I'll keep going for a little while. We're going back to the title.”

Truly, the manga still has several loose ends that Horikoshi needs to address. After the battle, My Hero Academia may reveal how the Hero Society shapes up and the future of everyone who has survived. He may also give each important character the conclusion they deserve, wrapping up their stories in a way that doesn’t feel rushed.


What’s next for My Hero Academia?

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.


My Hero Academia’s war epilogue hints that the heroes still have a long way to go. Chapter 424 featured a short time jump, focusing on the events after the war. The extent of the heroes’ injuries has been revealed, and the reconstruction of the ruined buildings has finally begun. The Hero Society is also being rebuilt while the students are recovering from their injuries.

All Might declares Deku and Bakugo the greatest heroes, and though this seems to be a fitting conclusion to the manga, many things may still happen. Several chapters may still be released, though Horikoshi has yet to reveal how long the manga will continue. Despite that, fans can expect a good conclusion to the story, tying up all the plot threads and probably revealing slice-of-life stuff as the heroes ponder their future.


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Horikoshi is probably giving fans the time they need to realize My Hero Academia will soon end, 10 years after its story began. Whether there will be a spinoff or the creator will work on a new manga, fans can be assured that he will give Deku and the rest of the Hero Society the fitting conclusion they want to see.

My Hero Academia Chapter 425 is set to release on June 10, 2024. The manga is available to read on Viz Media, Shonen Jump, and the Manga Plus app.

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